In Kanika Goyal


Athiya, who has been spotted in fresh off the LFW runway looks almost everyday, gave us another such one at the screening of Hero. While she looked good in the geometric paneled suit, I really disliked the sandals here. And now, that I’ve seen the runway look, dislike them even more. For someone who has access to so many runway looks, wish she would up the shoe-game a bit.

I also wish the blue panels were made of a non-shiny material but that wasn’t a deal breaker. In real life, it probably didn’t look as bad as it does under the camera flashes.

Like her suit look?


Left: Kanika Goyal
Right, Center: Athiya Shetty at Hero Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Someone tell her PR that so much overkill will make people bored way before the movie appears.
    Apart from the height nothing else has impressed.


  2. Everybody is saying her as expressionless face and same looks but surprisingly she looks good in the movie with nice expressions. In fact she looks princessy from what I see in the trailers.


  3. She has a runway model’s body. Clothes look great on her, but she looks like a mannequin. Unlike Diya Mirza, Sonam, Malaika Arora, or even (I hate myself for saying this) Shilpa Shetty, she doesn’t seem like she owns the look. With Diya and Sonam, you notice them as much as the outfit. With the latter two, you notice their fab bodies and their confidence. With all four, you notice them as much as the outfit. With her, it’s only the outfit.




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