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Asha and Waheeda visited the sets of Super Dancer for a taping on Monday where the former was seen in a black Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla sari and the latter in a green Ashdeen one featuring parsi gara.

They both looked oh so lovely!

Asha Parekh and Waheeda Rahman

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Seldom do we appreciate that which we don’t see often until it is no longer there, These are national treasures and I hope there is an attempt on part of the Hindi Film Industry to create a museum where their works, their fashion, etc. can be preserved for future generations. I don’t need to say the obvious and yet I will say it. They look like Goddesses.

  2. Asha and Waheeda!!???? Really !???? pls don’t do this un-cool, disrespectful , i am just commenting on clothes – so big deal – i dont need to say ” ji” .Legends of their league behoove some baseline respect & not to be called by their first name- at a minimum . Your site feeds from celebrity – you owe it to them

    • I get you but think about it this way – would you address Kareena, Priyanka or Deepika with “ji” 20y later even if they’re older than you? I think it’s a generational thing…like these are legendary actresses of our time and we (at least I) wouldn’t regard them with “ji” whereas Waheeda ji or Asha ji have always been legendary in my lifetime so there’s innate respect. Maybe it’s different for P&P.

      • yes, i know its subjective & relative- but if you look at the target group of this website- bulk of it would fall in the category wherein older actresses would qualify to be as ” ji” and frankly ( i know its debatable) but i wont juxtapose the body of work of Kareena…Deepika with these timeless beauties. I dont think they come even close . Again adding “ji” does not lend or take away anything per se from them as they are beyond it – but some iota of respect is necessitated IMHO.

    • That’s your opinion. I like it this way. No Ji nonsense. needed. We can respect people without putting these labels also. Nothing everytihng has to go through the culture radar and judged based on what you think is appropriate. Their blog, their rules. You can read it with a ji everytime to yourself.

      • Word!
        We should also safeguard against too much policing, here policing of how names are taken. This can be a slippery slope.
        But also, do you notice: you would hardly ever address a Dev Anand or a Shammi Kapoor as ‘ji’? Would you?

        In the English language, calling people without a ji does not indicate lack of respect at all. You wouldn’t read a BBC story about Winston Churchill ji and Queen Elizabeth II ji.

    • I’ve brought this up before and now I think that P&P are being stubborn in using first names just to not appear as having been proven wrong. OK, so ji seems to be uncool to you, at least use their full names.

  3. Ok. Just look at these lovely ladies and look at the state of Bollywood. Unkempt, badly groomed, forever trying to pass off shoddiness as ‘designer’ and ‘stylish’. These ladies come from an era where being in the movies meant standing out and looking glamorous and impeccable. All the wannabes today could stand to learn a thing or two.

    • Totally agree with this comment. These women also come from an era where grace was appreciated. Generally indian women didn’t do a lot of skin show, as per cultural norms of the time. Now, we have so many influences (whether good or bad), and unfortunately Bollywood actresses equate sexy with skin show. I don’t think they understand elegance and grace.

  4. The AJSK looks really cheap, ordinary, nothing very nice about it. The green saree is nice but the blouse could have had a little bit of work on it would look nice, wonder why plain blouse..
    Yes they are beautiful women but I thought this was a fashion blog.. Are we scared to criticize the older generation P&P?

    • Well everything doesn’t need to be criticized! I also do think they look lovely, like they are n nothing needs to be changed. Isn’t that a personal perspective..

    • I believe that they are from a generation who give no ears to the atrocities in name of fashion today. They know how to wear a saree, accessorise it with elegant jewellery and look every inch a beauty in it. I don’t see a need to criticize them, not because of their age, but because they are effortlessly themselves with no Aastha, Mohit, Shaleena, Rhea on their speed dials.

    • The plain blouse looks lovely and elegant, no embroidery is needed. Nothing cheap about the ajsk either, it looks elegant. And the diamonds are a great pick. It’s genuinely a well put together look. Nobody is being politically correct when they like it.

    • For reference, they are 76 and 81. They’ve aged gracefully and look beautiful. Does someone’s blouse need more work, and is someone’s pallu shoddy? Sure, but I can bet you designers aren’t rushing to give their clothes to these ladies. They are probably from their personal saree collection and they stepped out in them for a show. So, no it’s not fair to criticize.

  5. Timeless beauties, they are so different from the cookie cutter dressing styleand looks of stars today. Both Waheeda ji and Asha ji just bring such beautiful memories of ‘kaanton se kheench ke ye aanchal’and ‘kyaa janoon sajan’ to mind seeing them in their elegant sarees. Whether AJSK or Parsi gara both ladies really made the sarees look beautiful and their look was classic and wholesome.

  6. I am just so so so happy seeing Ashdeen Lilowala featured here . ..his work is contemporary and timeless and each of his parsi gara peices deserve a long long conversation about the stories they tell

    Love love Waheeda ji for picking this sari !

  7. Love them so beautiful they look…pls include older generation of actors in your blog so younger generation can learn a thing or two about elegance…

  8. The green sari is nice but the black AJSK is pretty unremarkable
    I’m confused by the comment section here fawning over this having made their morning
    Yes these are incredible actresses from the past and deserve respect and yes they look nice…but in my eyes there’s nothing in these looks that appears to be warrant some of the comments above

    I feel like I’ve stepped into The Emperor’s New Clothes…

  9. First off, they are so gorgeous and radiate that old bollywood glamour effortlessly. Love the parsi saree. Beautiful color.
    I’ll be disliked to oblivion for making this comment here – but I feel their dressing albeit lovely, is not something the current generation should immediately try and replicate. I am a big critic of what goes in the name of fashion in bollywood today but, isn’t dressing also contemporary? I don’t mean giving a pass to barely-there cholis, calling very ordinary clothes designer, robbing actual artists and adding bling on everything but if Asha and Waheeda were actresses today, do you think they would have stuck to the sari as an outfit for everything? The 60-70-80s also had their fashion disasters such as conical bras, ultra tight salwars and ridiculous dance outfits. Isn’t the past always rosy?
    Sometimes the current crop does nail it in modern dressing and although saris are classics, I can deal with occasional mishaps than sticking to a variant of one outfit only. That said, it is indeed lovely to see these women on these pages in their beautiful, graceful avatars.

  10. Sight for sore eyes – thank you Waheeda Rahman and Asha Parekh.

    That generation knew how to carry themselves well in public arena. Even today these stars and others from their generation like Sharmila Tagore can give today’s generation a run for their money when it comes to holding their own, appearing glamorous, dignified and every inch the stars that they are.

  11. To be honest, Asha Parekh and To a lesser extent Waheeda made their own fashion atrocities at some point. The best part of trodding on the planet is eventually wisdom manifests itself. Today, they are choose timeless grace and poise as well as style. At some point, in their youths their fashion choices were more influenced by those times. Fashion is truly like wine and whiskey. Vintage becomes most alluring. Also today we see too much of the same thing. These ladies are dressed more like how I see women from non filmi background dress for special events. Because they were movie stars who are dressing like non movie stars we are enamored.

  12. I am going to get some heat but have to say…I am not onboard with their makeup. It looks overdone and takes away from their natural elegance

  13. They do look lovely. Grace and elegance. About comparing them to the current lot of celebrities, it’s apples and oranges really.

    • Hahaha… true.. these ladies had class and grace even though sometimes the outfits missed the mark. The current lot of bollywood… ugh… smh

  14. As gorgeous as these women are, i think the make up was ott. They were appearing for a tv show so can understand that this is for the camera. I love Waheeda in her simple set up..she looks absolutely stunning with minimal make up (as in her last Sabya look). They were styled and dressed for a show… thus look over the top. Otherwise these classic beauties are simply stunning!

  15. Waheeda always had a grace and class about her. Asha on the other hand has always been dyeing her hair black, however now that she has come out with this white haired look she looks nice.


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