A Black Out Face Off

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Both the Rampals and the Alis gave us an all black look at the launch party of ‘Lap’. As hosts, the Rampals were pretty disappointing but as guests the Alis didn’t impress much either.

Do either get your vote?

Catch more pics at ‘The Gallery’.


Left: Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia at ‘Lap’ Launch
Right: DJ Aqeel and Farah Khan Ali at ‘Lap’ Launch

Photo Credit: BollywoodHungama

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  1. Of the four only Arjun gets my vote-he looks great!!! Mehr could’ve livened things up with something colorful and contrasted his sophisticated black attire.

  2. by looking at the vote results, I think that people are voting for Arjun and not the couple. Mehr looks bad in that dowdy dress. She tries to go for that minimalist look but ALWAYS falls short.

  3. …I have a feeling Merh would look good in a garbage sack, OH WAIT 😀
    I actually like Mehr’s dress, very simple and elegant and minimalist (how I generally like it). She carries herself spectacularly, I love the confidence and poise.

  4. Why oh why do you have do to black when you have an A1 bod any us lesser mortals would give your right arm for…. why oh why…

    Mehr always goes for the – don’t look at me I’m no longer a model – look. Arjun tries to match.

  5. mehr needs to add colour, or something feminine (I’m not sure what) because she has such a masculine face. Arjun is prettier than her.


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