Archana Kochhar Designs In “Quantum Of Solace”

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Bond girl Zaara Adams is going to be wearing some of Archana Kochhar’s clothes in the upcoming Bond movie “Quantum Of Solace”! Aaargh.. I am so disappointed!!! You???

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Zaara Adams

P.S. You need to take one look at this to know why I am disappointed!


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  1. the girl looks like mutton dressed as lamb.. ewww bond girl quality has really taken a dip hasn’t it..

    apart from eva green

  2. by liking i mean, i like dis brown ensamble out here n as far as the collction goes the brown saree tht Alisha Rawat wore, luvd it, may b wid a diff style of blouse tho,not so matchy matchy

  3. Are you kidding us ? Archana collection is gorgeous….although it no so high end for indian fashion but all the dresses are stunning. I would take archana anyday over Rohit bal disaster you posted below !

  4. I am sorry to say this but Archana Kochar’s designs were not ‘designer’ like at at all; such designs are usually found in regular Indian city shops.

  5. I just checked out the Movie website and there is no mention of Zaara Adams anywhere in the cast..maybe her being cast as the bond girl is just a rumor? *fingers crossed*

  6. again the pose to blame here.. and i dont like the colour contrast.. its too busy too..

    not a big fan of the colours she has chosen for her collection and the work on it.. but some of the design cuts are interesting..

  7. I take back all the complaints I had with the non-designer shops I went to last week. Compared to this monstrosity of a collection that was elegant and refined. The dress above is a serious contender for the wtheeeyyy section. It lacks a certain amount of finesse and coherency. The lower part seems randomly pasted in. And the lady posing takes away even more from it. Bond girl… seriously… she seems more village belle than bond girl. oh well

  8. THIS outfit has every thing BUT the kitchen sink.

    Way over the top IMHO…when working with treatments like the rouching/draping on the upper bodice it really does not make sense to add the rosettes to the bottom and cause complete chaos….when you look at the outfit in totality, nah?

    But then ever since the Peacock’s (Shane and Falguni) did the rosettes in one of their collections…all the janta has followed.

  9. Zara, looks cool, Archana’s dress on her belends on her body, which makes her look like a real bond girl, all the best to the Designer to dressing Zara in the upcoming bond movie


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