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PK promotions in Dubai saw Anushka do separates in a striped Zara top paired with a floral Madison skirt. Jewellery from Sapphire and a pair of Louboutin pumps finished out her promotional look.

She looked super cute.


Anushka Sharma at PK Promotions In Dubai

Photo Credit: Sanish Cherian Photography

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  1. I would never step out with that top-skirt pairing and I don’t like it on her, either. But she’s one of those girls who looks well put together even in mismatched attire, if that makes sense.

  2. At first when I saw her in this ensemble, I was like “Really?” but then immediately I was in awe of how this girl is carrying this look with chutzpah! It’s a very difficult look to carry I feel. And her skirt is lovely, very barbie-doll like.. and she looks no less. Love her earrings. Lovely & beautiful. I just love that kind of jewelry !

    And this is not because I’m a HUGE Anushka fan. This girl has got everything.. style, confidence, acting skills, looks.. People may consider Sonam as a fashionista but I feel Sonam’s dressing is more like an attempt to look different & unique. For me, Anushka is a fashionista.. she hardly ever goes wrong!

    • Anushka is blessed with a body that is apt for modern and trendy clothes. Lets face it most fashion is designed or represented for size 0. She does get bonus points for confidence but she is no great actress, just coz she came in a time when most actress weren’t acting, she stood out for her bindas acting. But that is what she has done till today, no variation no depth. I hope PK changes that. But i think she is just lucky to be known as good actress coz she went on a show and sang her own song calling herself the best in town.

      • +1. I seriously don’t understand why Anushka or Deepika is considered great actresses. Anushka Deepika Sonam Katrina all of them are blessed with height and good body and they all look good and can pull off almost anything. But that’s about it.

        • i disagree for Deepika takes a character and makes her own. plus it isn’t to pull of the recent roles she has done esp that requiring accents and she does little subtle expressions very well. that is recent years not initially hell no.

      • She has much better acting skills than Sonam & Katrina for sure or even the other actors who are of the same league. I don’t think it is right to put Anushka & Deepika on the same lines as Sonam. Anyway, Highheel is all about clothes & fashion. If it was about acting Sonam will never be featured then. 😛

      • @Sara: That’s where you are going wrong. I agree Anushka does bindaas acting but do you think bindaas acting is easy to pull off? It isn’t AS EASY as you think it is! People think an actor who makes you all emotional is a great actor, but the real actor is one who can make you LAUGH ! That’s the real deal. Tell me one actor who can perform this “bindaas” acting very well!? Alia Bhatt tries but fails miserably. In my opinion, Ms. Sharma never “fakes” things. There’s something uncanny present in her, in her acting which tells you that she’s just being herself! And if she didn’t get diversity in scripts, its not entirely her fault.

        And @Saya, I COMPLETELY agree with you. It’s like scandalous to put Sonam on the same pedestal as that of Anushka or Deepika. Sonam is a horrendous actor and an even horrible wastrel personality.

        Anyway, its a fashion blog and Anushka rocks it! Well not just fashion, you know! 😉

        • The more i write about it, it may establish me as Anushka hater , which i am NOT. I do think the girl is smart and is nice girl. But i absolutely disagree with you on acting front, if that is the logic then Katrina should get credit to for picking up roles she suits in like in dhoom or ZNMD. Just coz she was perfect for it should she be a called great actor.? Sonam picks up roles she suits in so call her too great actress. I feel they all are smart to do what they like and think they can pull off, but unlike Anushka they dont go on TV show calling themselves best actress of time. Also i agree bindaas acting is not easy that is where Pareeniti comes in she brings nuances to her bindas acting which Anushka doesn’t and that is my opinion, you are entitled to yours and we both are entitled to a discussion :). So lets watch PK and hope i am proved wrong.

  3. Anushka is killing it. Every look has been appropriate and stylish, whilst still feeling very her. She’s not come across as over styled once on this promotional tour.

  4. This is a classy combination and has been trending for a long time now. Ironic how people are going crazy over the “off-beat” pairing of stripes with flounced floral skirts.
    She wears it well. Effortless!


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