Bad Memories!

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Her first award ceremony ever and Anushka chose to wear silk pants and a beige top bringing back memories of a certain Ms. Chawla.

We expected much more but I guess we should be glad that she didn’t wear yet another Malhotra creation.


Anushka Sharma at Star Screen Awards


Juhi Chawla at ‘Rock On’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Girls, we have to give it to this young girl for standing her ground and not falling into cookie cutter outfits that almost envy starlet gets poured into. It is refreshing to see someone be different.

  2. she reminds of simi grewal, minus the top of course, i think had the top been a lil longer, almost like a kurta, it would have been more appropriate for the occasion…

  3. anushka looks really nice, even classy to some extent, compared to juhi. But yea she does look a bit older, but then again its a relief to see all actresses arent (dare i say it) crass! 😛

  4. She does not seem to be having the right proportions – waist and hips are the same size..another piggy chops in making :-(. The dress is nothing to comment about since Ms Chawla has already received so many comments on the faux paus

  5. its nice to see someone dare to wear pants at an awards function. but at the same time…its not very age appropriate…she is so very young to start dressing in beige and glittery delhi wedding shoes.

  6. No, the outfit somehow is not right. I think the shiny pants are bad…maybe a darker color or different texture pants would have helped.

  7. oh she looks so weird.. what a bad choice of clothing.. SRK angle did not get her the award.. let see how far she goes..
    she is average looker.. more for soaps.. not movies

  8. This outfit may not be very suitable for a bollywood award function but I would really like to wear it to a party. Dear P&P can you please let us know the designer/source of this outfit.

  9. i think she still looks GOOD…and i thought silk pants were in?….silk dhoti pants (canadian flare)? or am i reading the wrong magazines hhahahaha

  10. Too pimped out. Gaudy. Pretty girl though.

    I don’t get it. Anoushka vs Asin..?!? Asin is 23-24 and this chick is 17. Asin is newbie in bollywood but have made tons of movies in the south for 7 years. She gotta have better sense of styling.

  11. Anusha looks just like Gracy Singh. A taller and slimmer version of Gracy. Even her choice of clothes are simila.

    @ Malini, your comment is totally apt.

  12. She looks terrible, i found her to be very pretty in the movie, and even at other events (sometimes minus what she wears lol). but here, na man.

    i can sometimes forgive the clothes if the face holds my attention…but here, her makeup is loud and overbearing. or maybe the photo angles r bad

    she actually reminds me a bit of mahima…the beige angle. lol

  13. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ancient is the right word. shes definitely not 20!
    Adah is hot i thought she was the best dressed of all the debutants.actually everyone around thx for the link


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