From Runway To TV Appearance

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Anushka dons a Mandira Wirk maxi for her stint as the judge on NDTV Imagine’s new show ‘Knights and Angels’. The show starts airing February 28th and will select cheerleaders for SRK’s team, the Kolkata Knight Riders.


Left: Mandira Wirk, Chivas Fashion Tour
Right: Anushka Sharma on ‘Knights and Angels’

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  1. the dress is just abt ok…though the model rocks it! anushka looks dismal. wats wid wearing the black thingy underneath! agree with justcasually – “Wear it the way it is supposed to be or dont.” her face looks enormous…not liking her at all here. and c’mon! just 1 film old and that qualifies her 2 become a JUDGE! puh-leeeeez!

  2. wow looks like shes been storing her fame in her face LOL..

    and dont u guys forget that its shahrukh’s team she’s judging for.. so it doesnt matter if shes only done one film.. cus king khan can make anything possible lol..

  3. not to be mean and all…BUT I did laugh when I read amandaaaah opening line!
    Agree w justcas* about that little black patch…this could’ve easily been worn as is…it is is not that risque..just a keyhole AND..she is not it wouldn’t have looked vulgar.
    If she’s reading these postmortem reports on HHC, perhaps she’ll do better next time!

  4. she looks sweet! I like the dress.

    always had a chubby face, the flat hair brings it out more.

    She’s only the celebrity judge for 1 episode, every week a new female (famous) judge.
    People should know their facts before shouting.

    As for the black patch!!! well I applaud her for having some MODESTY!! a few actresses could learn that for public appearences instead of having their BREASTS ON SHOW!
    Nothing wrong in modifying an outfit you like to suit you. why should you miss out in wearing something beautiful simply because you like to cover up a bit.

  5. The black patch is ugh.. but I can’t help but think that the model’s got a white patch there cause I see no skin.. So does this dress have an optional curtain.. *shrug*

    It’s not my favourite blend of colours.. and the line thing around the neck has been done a lot before.. looks almost like an afterthought (couldn’t be of course, the whole dress is based on that.. )

    And DEAR GOD anushka is so symmetrical.. *shudder*

  6. such a pretty girl rendered bland by hair/makeup and choice of outfit. Is her hair thinning or is that just an unfortunate hair parting. Also she really doesn’t suit too much makeup /heavy makeup look – takes away from her youth and freshness- the dress what I can see of it does nothing for her either.

  7. she is cute girl but her facial structure especially the stron jaw line is similar to Kareena kapor so she has to avoid one lenght hair and go with long layers to accent her face and jaw line

  8. interms of attitude and other unnecessary baggichss, she is good as she is , I think there is pendamic of having an attitude and being full of oneself , it is raer to find simply sweet and clean hearted people nowadays, so simplicity is in demand

  9. Not everyone can carry off the animal motif. You need to have that raw, feral confidence to pull it off. Anushka looks like a rabbit wanting to wear the tiger’s cast-offs.


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