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From a high-neck gown (Victoria Beckham) at the Filmfare Awards, Anushka went dangerously low in a Nikhil Thampi gold dress at Femina’s Most Beautiful Edition unveiling.

Don’t know about you, but the strapless number is making me quite uncomfortable.

How gorgeous though was her VB appearance at Filmfare? Loved the dramatic cat-eye and updo. Catch a full-length of hers here.


Anushka Sharma at Femina’s Most Beautiful Cover Unveiling


Anushka Sharma at Filmfare Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. One word – amaze-balls .
    Of course the yellow number wins hands down if I had to make a choice. N if I had to say anything at all in terms of improvement, a slightly smaller bouffant to complete her Audrey Hepburn look

  2. OMG! How breathtakingly gorgeous does she look in that yellow dress..! Love the look head to toe..That hair do, the make up.. Full on girl crush on her now :P

  3. Her filmfare look was the best one at the red carpet there. She looks like a million bucks !! As long as she can carry that gold dress I don’t mind her in that too. Btw, any idea who styled her for filmfare ?

  4. Hhahaha, someone taking a departure from simple and natural to ‘done-up-all-the-time’… this girl looks she’s taken a U-turn from Dubai each time she heads out for an event. Sequence and red lips at every appearance, so loud, so OTT and so not her!!! do these girls even know what is their style and what is not?

  5. Wow Anushka looks stunning in the VB dress. The gold dress is quite tasteful actually. She is skinny, tall and nothing is spilling out either. Love the make-up too. She is styled beautifully.

  6. She looks amazing at Filmfare..This is how you can look hot by showing off just one part of your body (is Deepika listening). her look is so minimal and simple.

    as for the Nikhil thampi gravity defying dress wondering how is it standing on its own.

  7. This is what you call a red carpet look… She looks statuesque… and the color looks gorgeous on her…Fab eye make up… She’s got the cat eye look for the first time I think…

  8. She looks gorgeous! I love her look in both! And I believe no one but her could’ve carried the Nikhil Thampi gold dress like she does! <3 Anushka!

  9. I love in the yellow gown (mainly because of the hair and make up) but not in the gold in. The gold one doesnt suit her probably because it is not for someone who is a tad bit saggy in the chest area.

  10. “…dangerously low” – you’re reminding me of the Daily Mail here and that’s not a compliment! What next – dangerous curves? Anushka of course looks great in the yellow gown…digging the whole retro vibe – hair, makeup.

  11. I like her style, she n neha dhupia knows how to dress, head to toe she look perfect, anushka even tries different make up looks, should give Katrina some advice about make up…

  12. what is wrong with you guys…the yellow VB is def good but the gold dress is forward and its stars like her only who can carry of such an awesome outfit. love every thing about the gold outfit.

    i like the fact that its not regular and predictable.

  13. Her arms and legs are thin, the gold dress is not for her body type. Basic rule is to understand body proportions. A big beehive hair do on a thin tall girl only makes her silhouette in totality look thinner and taller. Body proportion issue in both looks. And that retro hair and makeup was beautiful with her stage performance outfit. Not with the VB outfit as Beckham designs stand for modernity and not retro


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