In Moschino. Again.


Ms. Dewan seems to be a Moschino phase, because just a few days after being seen in the white t-shirt dress, she was seen in another one, this featuring the Coca-Cola print. Don’t quite blame her, the recent collections designed by Jeremy Scott are just so fun. If we could, we’d get each and every one as well.

P.S. You can catch me wearing one of the Mr. Fantastik prints here.


Left: Anu Dewan at Arbaaz Khan’s Birthday Lunch
Right: Moschino Coca-Cola T-Shirt Dress

Photo Credit: Instagram


  1. Seriously – the Moschino collection seems hideous. Reminds me of those t-shirts I used to wear to bed as a teenager. Would not want to be caught dead in em.

  2. Such ugly looking t-shirt dress..why would anyone spend so much on ugly looking clothes and I think she doesn’t have the spunk to carry ‘fun’ outfits so it ends up looking meh on her.

  3. Looks a tad gunny baggy on Anu, and looks even more so on you Payal, I tried to like it but nope. It envelops you like a floppy night shirt and not in a good way, I’m sorry :(

    There is a fine line between doing the boxy fit which drapes loosely but also hints at a nice overall structure when you look at it after styling/ accessories et al, vs a look that screams of the outfit being an unnecessary 2 or 3 sizes more like an after thought night wear or an impulse purchase at he clearance isle, size be damned! I know your passion for loose drapes, but it has to look more structured or drape better on the body. This top just doesn’t cut it despite the super fun print on it, & the not-as $uper fun tag.


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