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It’s been light pink and sparkly for Ms. Panday at Diwali parties so for, first in a long jacket and pants set from Ritika Mirchandani and then in a strapless sari-inspired set from Arpita Mehta. I wasn’t really digging the Mirchandani but the outing in the Mehta makes me like it even more now. The Arpita Mehta look just was so tacktastic.

Ananya Panday

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think part of it is how the clothes are placed. The Mirchandani could’ve looked a lot more impactful if the jacket wasn’t brushed to the side in favor of abs. And the Arpita Mehta with a better fitted bra and a wider pallu. We get all of them have great bodies, it doesn’t have to be about that all the time

  2. She is so pretty . I don’t understand why she always favors these tiny pieces of clothing on her .. her outfit choices come off as trying too hard

  3. I don’t know how one is better than the other. I have this urge to cover up all these young ladies who dress in these barely there blouses with heavily contoured chests! 🙁

  4. I used to wonder why I find this new brief top/choli look so unappealing. Then I figured they are a lot like Apsara type outifts of the 70s movies. To carry that off you don’t need a gym body. You need to have that Rekha or Zeenat oomph. Or that Sridevi charm. Which very few girls have these days.

    Ananya has a sweet, feminine appeal. She should really be styled differently. The Arpita Mehta epecially is all kinds of wrong.

    • You are so right. But even Rekha or Zeenat or Hema did not go around parties wearing Apsara outfit like it was a cocktail dress.
      These outfits are just too odd from visual appeal to appropriateness to tailoring or anything high fashion. They are bad and blah.

  5. Both looks are so good but off course missing a proper blouse or top, bikini n bandeau are getting tinier making the looks bare and.. cheap.

  6. Just yuck . Not because it’s revealing . But sick and tired of seeing the same old stuff on all of them . Cut . Color . Material. Drape. Makeup . Everything is a template .

  7. I am just simply bored. Same color, same styles, same hair, same pose and exp. one cannot tell what was the occasion of year by looking at them. Mass produced Barbies.


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