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Earlier today in Mumbai, Amrita Arora got married to Shakeel Ladak in a church ceremony. The bride looked resplendent in her white Ashley Rebello wedding gown made with Chantilly and vintage Emilio Ungaro lace and covered in Swarovski crystals and rice pearls.

This was one design that definitely translated well from sketch to real.

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P.S. While, you may read that her wedding gown is vintage, we wanted to clarify that the gown itself is not vintage but made from vintage lace.

P.P.S. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Update: Added a pic with the back detail.


Amrita Arora at Wedding


Amrita Arora and Shakeel Ladak at Olive After The Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. she loooks adorable!!! she alwways hv ths sweet cute look..ths gown totally suits her .. bt i thnk she shud hv pulled her hair up so it wud hv compliment the dress more

  2. It should not have been turtle neck…and her hair just looks messy!

    What’s up with the background…??? Why is it so dirty? They Could’ve jazzed up the entrance if they knew the indian paparazzi was gonna be their…..i am sure inside the Olive restaurant the set up was probably beautiful…..but the whole ugly entrance takes away from her wedding pictures.

  3. I can find a ton of issues with this look, but will spare the bride. There’s a lot of pressure to look good on your wedding day and 90% of the time no one gets it right.

  4. agree with Kimmy…

    its her special day, she’s worn what she prob always dreamed of…

    Best wishes to em both! though i know the festivities are still not over! 😉

  5. @SH, the wedding was supposed to be at a church but something went wrong and they had to change the venue to Olive at the last minute. That might explain the lack of preparation.

    The dress is not my taste but as some of you said, it feels wrong to criticize someone on their wedding day. Good luck to her.

  6. i should say… keep it up to Kimmy and Fatima… as they decided against posting negative comments for a bride…

  7. the dress is nice 🙂 I love the lace
    my only qualm is the neckline, a sweet-heard would have been better
    her hair and jewlery could have been A LOT better :/ the earrings are just dated

  8. okk love the gown! still dont understand why she had a church weddin!!! i mean she is not a christian! what is she hindu????serisly!christiantiy is religon like any other religon! relly infurte me when ppl do these stupid whn they r not evn christins! if u relly wanted 2 be one change ur religon !! phony! try 2 look cool!

  9. i would’ve liked to see a blue bracelet. *something blue* 😉

    agree with kimmy. wishing her the best. hopefully, this relationship will be the one for her.

  10. i really appreciate the ones who kept the negative comments to themselves! her smile looks beautiful. i can tell shes really happy. i wish her the bestt!

  11. jossie,
    Their mom (Malaika and Amrita’s) is Christian and hence the church wedding. Regardless, Religion is one of those things that is highly personal to each person and each person is entitled to his or her own beliefs.

  12. HEY P&P i dont think the caption is right shoudlnt it say at the WEDDING not the WEDDING RECEPTION.. sorry bout that…she looks really happy ..good luck to her…but where the dress is concerned im not really impressed

  13. Man, what drama, that the church canceled the wedding in the last minute?? And yet, she seems calm and is smiling. Kudos to her!!

  14. Agree with many of the others that said she is happy, it’s her wedding day … enough said!

    Please post a pic or two of the back of her gown, the cut was very cute!

    I think she looks gorgeous and her smile is adorable 🙂

    Thanks for informing us of the change of venue because I read somewhere else too that it was suppose to be at a church .. wonder what happened? Hm?

  15. i think that she looks really pretty and happy..and i too have seen the pix of the back of the gown and that was the most unique part of it…

  16. @ kiki haha … I actually found out why it wasnt at the church as scheduled in Amrita’s words …

    While the guests were filtering in, Amrita was keeping her cool “We were supposed to have a church wedding today, but there were some security hassles. So we quickly moved the venue to Olive, but no hassles because we always had a standby ready.”

  17. @ jossie, amrita is half christian and hence the church wedding. in any case, people can choose 2 get married any which way they want. ur entitled 2 ur opinion, but being intolerant is all that’s wrong with the world.

  18. The dress would’ve looked 10 times better if it was strapless.. that turtleneck ruins it. But she totally looks happy.. Her hair looks GREAT!!

  19. the only thing i see when i look at that gown is how fit she is.. its hard to pull that off, if u arent! yes it could have been better (doesnt look designer to me), but i guess she liked it..

  20. its beautiful
    i like thats its a very demure gown
    too many wedding dresses these days show too much skin

    also with regards to why a church wedding, malaika and amrita were raised catholic

  21. aww.. I like how she’s easily posing for the shutterbugs.. Not like the overhyped Abhi-Ash wedding, where they behaved like they’re the first two humans to get married. lol…

    By the way Amrita’s gown, simple and good.. Better than the ocean of bling many brides drown in.. But some amendments could make her look much much better, like the hair, its the hair we see on her all the time, even if she’s in a denim n a tee.. And the sleeves could’ve either been very tiny or full. n the turtleneck 🙁 the collar bones showing is soooo feminine. Anyways, she still looks reallly cute n i wish her all the best for her future 🙂

  22. jossie, Amu and Maliaka’s Mom is a Malyalee Christain lady called Joyce, both the kids are baptised Syrian Christains. Mallu also had a church wedding at Bandra church, I know I was there.

  23. I like the dress…and come on people this would the dress she’s dreamed’s like only the person who has thought about it will find it most beautiful…oh and I absolutely LOVE that lace<3

  24. We’ve seen her in so much more glamorous avatars that her dress looks almost everyday in comparison. In a way I like that.

    The lace is beautiful and I wish it had been captured better on camera. Her middle portion looks almost empty. I’m sure in real life the lace took center stage.. I wish she had her hair up though.

  25. amrita nailed the only thing a bride needs to be perfect: n a genuine smile!

    wish she had worn the veil a lilll higher… it has a cape-like effect in the first pic.. nonetheless.. they look so happy =) so who cares!

  26. p&p: can u pls tag this post with amrita arora (just her name) pls? these pics dont come up when i type amrita in the search box. thanks!


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