Passing On The (G)Love?

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For those of you who watch the show ‘After Hours’ know by now that Amrita Maghera has stepped into the rather steep stilettos of Nina Manuel starting this season… How good a host she turns out to be remains to be seen but we are more excited to see what style this model/host brings to show!


Nina Manuel (L) and Amrit Maghera


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  1. its going to be hard for her to beat Nina!
    Watched her a few times, she’s to giggly not sophisticated enough like Nina did it.

    Her style so far matches her giggly atitude, not as mature like nina’s wardrobe.

  2. Amrit is such a kid, have met her in person. She doesn’t hold a candle to Nina’s style and personality. But let’s see..she’s got striking looks though. Can’t say the same for her sense of style.

  3. She’s never going to fill Nina’s shoes- and that’s not a diss to her. She needs to make her own footprints.

    Waxing poetic aside, I think she’s got a bit of a look to her, but she can use some fine tuning.

  4. I’ve never seen the show before LOL but I love Nina and her style! She pretty much looks fabulous in everything she wears

  5. I agree that Nina has great style. But I adore Amrit’s outfit & I think it wins out of the 2 outfits shown here. I love green, animal print & I think the boots & gloves are a nice touch.


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