A Three-Way Ditto!

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This James Ferreira design has been worn both as a tunic and as a dress and while all three ladies made it work on them, we absolutely loved it on Ammu. The color’s great and the dress works perfectly on her.

Who do you like it best on?

Left: Simone Singh for Malaga at Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai
Center: Sharmilla Khanna at Kitsch Fashion Show, Delhi
Right: Ammu Saidi at Bridal Asia Fashion Show, Delhi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I was confused abt Simon’s necklace. For a moment i thought the gold part was perhaps some sort of handle for the clutch…..lol.
    Ammu certainly looks the best here

  2. i dislike this dress…a lot. The shiny material, the band on the top that looks like a dupatta, the uneven hemline on the red…I have a blanket with shiny hems — reminds me of that.

  3. I kinda don’t like the dress. Reminds me of how we were “supposed to wear out dhupatta to hide the ladies” in college (I went to an ultra conservative engineering college)…


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