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Ameesha attended Randhir Kapoor’s 70th birthday party wearing a crop top and skirt from Tommy x Gigi. While the separates themselves were cute, between the patchy make-up and the wearing of the skirt so low, I really wasn’t a fan.

I also wish she’d picked simpler pumps to wear here given the busy graphic print.

Get Her Top HERE and Skirt HERE

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  1. Tacky. How very tacky to wear that to someone’s 70th birthday.
    And who’s even wearing those belly button revealing crop tops anymore???

  2. First of all, not a great choice for a 70yr olds birthday party. Secondly, wearing the skirt the way she did comes off as a little desperate to show her body.
    She could of picked a chiffon saree to show her figure and looked elegant too.

  3. is this the same girl from kaho na pyaar hai, she has potential to look better but she likes to look tacky I guess and always has makeup issues…

  4. she has a special talent for making even the most classy and expensive clothes and accessories look tacky and vulgar, in general. this instance is no exception. also, how inappropriate to wear something like this at this at someone’s 70th bday.

  5. The skirts a high rise. It’s a casual look.. only for ppl under 25. I’d say so only coz it’s designed by gigi Hadid. This isn’t her style she’s well set into her ways something more feminine n Indian would hv made her look elegant

  6. This woman needs to hire a damn stylist..and if she does have one and still going out dressed like this to a 70 year old’s formal birthday party, then she needs to fire the damn stylist. What a terrible waste of an amazing bod!


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