In Twos

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It was shorts for Alia back to back while returning from her vacation and then going about her work the next day. Care for either or neither?

P.S. The pink sweatshirt is Zoe Karssen.

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She probably favors the chunky sneaks bc she thinks it adds height to her petite frame, but it actually has quite the opposite effect. Makes her look tinier.

  2. Reminds me of that song… chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai. HHC is now merely a celebrity spotting blog. There is NO fashion and style here. I cannot believe this would go past the editing table. Not comparing but I follow The Sartorialist. Truly inspiring content and creativity. This is just celebrity in chaddhi blog.

  3. Hi PnP,

    This is a suggestion and people reading this comment, kindly do not overreact. Ignore this as a comment/opinion if it offends you.

    Please feature all indian actors/celebs from different fields (Bollywood and regional) across all genders. Would like to see clothes and creativity across the spectrum regardless of age, gender and field. I would like to learn more about men’s fashion as well. I know you politically do not agree with Kangana but as a suggestion, I would like to see her creativity in clothes on this blog because I consider this blog to be one of the leading blogs in india for fashion and creativity. It would be nice to see this as a fashion blog regardless of what political opinion we all have and lend silent support to any side by not featuring them.

    P.S. I enjoy the blog for all the features and the clothes. It’s my fashion fix to share ideas and opinions. Again, this is a suggestion.

    • When the most commonly featured celeb in this blog is Malaika Arora whose style is atrocious at best, expecting a more inclusive coverage spanning regions, industry and individuals is a bit much.

      It’s a great suggestion but not the first time it’s brought up in the comments section.

    • Hi Farza,
      Thanks for the feedback. The core theme of this site has always been Bollywood Fashion and will continue to be so. This site is still run by the two of us and we try to cover as much as we can. We still do this for fun. As in Hollywood, some folks draw paparazzi more and we get more pics of them on a daily basis vs others. We prefer not to use Instagram pics, which we totally could, but that doesn’t really give you the “true” picture of an outfit on a person in real life.

      • Hey Payal, thank you for your response. Appreciate it. Please do feature Kangana and all the male actors of the industry as well to get insights on male fashion! Cheers!

  4. Not featuring kangana is a good decision …
    And running a blog is no joke…. This isn’t a company run site so expecting to cover all aspects of fashion is a bit too much


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