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Alia was seen at the Ranjan-Seal sangeet wearing a lemon green lehenga by Manish Malhotra with an illusion top that was quite risqué and a bit misfitted. Having said that though, she seemed to pull it off and looked nice. You like?

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This was the sangeet right? I’m anxious just looking at her blouse and thinking that she will most probably be dancing. I love the colour of the lehenga though also her make-up looks pretty. A better fitted blouse would have saved this. Plus points for not doing a chipku bun lol

  2. Simply awful blouse. Underboob show is just so tacky. What’s with alia and underboob show ? I seem to recall her purple lehenga at some puja recently had a similar blouse.

  3. They all look the same . Having scrolled the past 4-5 posts. Same lehengas, cholies, same hair styles , hair colour.
    It’s like they are mannequins . Don’t get me wrong …. They look nice . But where’s the personality , personal taste?
    Meh ….. boring

  4. She looks gorgeous neck up and waist down the dress is utterly beautiful!1 I didnt know she could look so pretty when she smiles.

    I dont understand the “I am a 21st century woman I will do whatever I can to expose my body under some misplaced notion of feminism”

    Mainstream BW is the most needy for clicks and reposts and shares and forwards and eyeballs they only get a million a day so its understandable 😛
    they just seem so desperate.
    Its not about the dignity of the event anymore its about BW pushing an agenda and looking utterly cheap and crass in the name of fashion

    • What is this strange fixation with blaming feminism. If anything feminism is largely aloof from women’s fashion and tends more to a puritan approach.

      Its a small concept called individual liberty and freedom that is the reason. That is don’t censor or force people’s individual choices bar some basic norms of being covered up. Of course feel free to comment – same individual freedom – but the same point over and over again loses all meaning.

      Lastly actresses have to look different. They have to showcase themselves due to their career and look a certain way. They are not you and me. Its always been “cheap and crass” or never been “cheap and crass” depending on how you look at it. If it bothers you so much why look at sites where they feature. Plenty of modest clothing sites around.

      • I am just referring to frequent claims on these pages:

        “Oh can we please let the women express themselves?”
        “Its about time women had the freedom to choose what to wear”
        “Its the 21st century we need to stop telling women what to wear”
        “Critiquing a bra blouse at Durga Puja drags down their success trajectory because these women represent girl power”

        So I have to remind MYSELF that that these women are indeed contributing to the growth and empowerment of their gender by wearing bra blouses!

        • Again what has that to do with feminism? You are probably reading too much into comments if you feel they are suggesting bra blouses are empowering or feminist. Feels more like you dislike them. Which is fine. Pax.

          • agree.. it’s ok to like or dislike something.. but why drag down a full feminist movement every single time because an actress wore a blouse.. I don’t really notice individual commentators much but I have been noticing a lot of feminism bashing from you last few months… I’m sorry if you’ve been attacked for your opinions by ppl on this page calling you anti feminist or something.. but hand on heart friend.. it’s time to let that go..

            Let’s stick to fashion.. differences of opinions will exist.. if some one attacks you under the garb of feminism, by all means pls defend yourself.. but no one is attacking you now so no need to proactively attack feminists or so called feminists or whatever other term you use.. genuine peace and best wishes. I come from a good place.

            also agree with you. That blouse does not look nice..

        • It is weird how things can be seen based on one’s perspective…on one end there is – you are not dignified if you wear less clothing and on the other hand there is free the nipple…
          There still are tribal areas in the world where women wear just these kind of tops or even none at all…whatever the reason for same is – convenience, expressing themselves, wanting to look a certain way…
          To me being dignified is about how one carries themselves and how they behave…someone could wear a completely covered blouse and still behave in a very undignified way (witnessed this) and someone could dress like Alia here and still speak a lot with their behavior..that to me is real character..and well let’s just call it feminism..?

    • Tired of seeing some version of this comment on every post where there’s some amount on skin on display. You don’t know what someone’s intention/motivation is when they choose to wear what they wear. Why exactly are you attributing everything you’re critical of to feminism? And do you think that women who are not feminists have never worn sexy outfits? This is so illogical.

  5. Meh. She took a boring lehenga and wore a weird blouse with it to look different. And still ended up like an assembly line product. Literally every star guest at the wedding event is dressed up either loudly or badly.

  6. Seems this kind of blouses / cholis are becoming an MM signature look , something which Sabya did with his deep v neck blouses. It looks like a bra and can only be carried by small chested women . Not sure how she moved around all night in that bra lol

  7. Alia is officially in a bra blouse phase, esp after her dismal Diwali outfit. Sad to see pretty ladies with access, who just can’t get it right!

  8. Alis tries too hard with her outfits and ends up looking strictly average and underwhelming every time. It’s like she’s playing dress up. That’s a really tacky blouse. It’s a yawning pass for me.

  9. Notwithstanding the top, Alia looks so pretty. I love the fact that she doesn’t overdo her makeup. Just a tad bit makes her look fresh. That actually works for everyone.


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