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Alia was spotted attending a meeting on Wednesday wearing a wrap dress from Cord with grey espadrilles and her Saint Laurent bag. Like the dress?

You can shop the dress below.

Alia Bhatt


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Truly! KYA hai yeh? Bollywood has no clue of fashion… if the name sounds phoren they will just wear it
      It looks like a skirt accidentally washed with another outfit whose color bled in the washer

      • In that case it’s ok, cause really (Atleast) in these times if I were a star caught wearing such clothes costing beyond few hundreds, as against helping people financially.. I’d be really sad of my existence.

        • You do realise that clothes don’t profit themselves?
          Clothes/ Labels are owned by people who in turn hire Fashion Designers, pattern makers, tailors, embroiderers etc. Their offices/ workshops hire other workers like cleaners, drivers etc. Their stores or the stores that keep their merchandise too hire staff. The fabric bought to make these clothes is made by people/ the fabrics don’t make themselves. The stores that sell fabric hires people.
          I could explain further but I guess you get the drift.

          • So does every other business. But you can chose to spare money in better places than shop unnecessarily. 10,000? can help Atleast 10 families/individuals.
            Reusing the already expensive clothing you bought to support these rich labourers is already a good contribution.
            If your really interested in supporting by shopping then Atleast shop from really small retailers, handlooms, artisans.. but then ignorance.
            You do realise that film industry folks, have started a excessive consumption culture, which is not supportive of small businesses but rather a promoter of big brands leading to masses purchasing only off multinational brands which are silent rippers of money.
            Also, try justifying the horrible styles endorsed by stars lately, with their price tags and poor make.

            • Its not going to change. It is called conspicuous consumption and practiced by the elite of every society since the beginning of time. And usually emulated by others too. Would you for e.g. spend as much time on a blog with everyday people in their everyday, much worn clothes? I think not.

              Fashion is frivolous but fun. It is not alone in having an expensive high end sector and others down the scale. And maybe in dark times its a bit of a needed diversion.

  1. What kind of an outfit is this? Even the worn out tees and pjs we wear at home looks better than this. And way to go Bollywood…smashing patriarchy by having a man hold your umbrella.

    • Would it be better if a woman held the umbrella? Or is a man holding an umbrella for a woman a sign that woman now have money and status? So many questions.

      In a populated country with fewer and fewer jobs at least some folk are employed.


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