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Wearing a metallic sari made from recycled nylon and faux leather, Alia attended the ITA awards on Sunday evening. Silver jhumkis finished out her look. Metallic leather material normally neither falls well nor photographs well but that wasn’t the case here. It all came together nicely.

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Closeups inside.

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. This is one of the better upcycled fashion creations, IMHO. The saree is not outlandish or screaming “I am upcycled”. As a celebrity, if you are looking to make a social or environmental statement through fashion, this definitely nails it!

  2. This is a strictly editorial piece of clothing. Loved the blouse <3

    Maybe just the blouse or just the saree paired with different smart elements might have worked. Pairing it with traditional jhumkis was another bad move IMHO. She could have chosen something edgy.

    I might be in the minority here. I didn't like this look one bit, recycled or not.

  3. frankly, i find celebs wearing these one-off save-the-environment-recycled-leather-upcycled-plastic-redone-car-tyre garments beyond gimmicky. if you’re really concerned about the environment (or any other cause), you’d be doing this consistently. given the number of designer white sarees she’s trotted out for this single promo tour — not a single repeat, please note — this appearance is just a way to score brownie points.

    • I mean I agree! This is ancient as far as recycling awareness is concerned.. if there’s really some serious intent to recycle then atleast promote re wearing , reduce pointlessly shopping and creating, refuse non sustainable/ non degradable fabrics like polymers, synthetics etc.. of all the things don’t call it recycling.


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