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At a press meet unveiling an upcoming awards show’s tropy, Alia was seen in a brown cutout blazer and black pants. The part blazer/part lace design was quite confusing and one that I didn’t like. Did you?

Alia Bhatt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Such a lovely face and terrible outfit! I am wondering at times that do these people have right to say NO to the stylists for making them wear weird clothes.

  2. The designers of the outfits must surely be paying the stylists or the celebrities themselves for showcasing their creations. How else does one explain so many celebrities wearing horrendous clothes no normal person would ever be caught in?

  3. Kuch bhi!!?? anything in the name of fashion is floated by these designers with the thought that the likes of Alia and other celebrities will salvage the look

  4. So many thoughts
    One is that there was a goof in cutting the fabric, so some bright-eyed intern said, what if we make one side slanted and longer and we put lace on the other side so they think it’s a unique idea?
    Or – it’s one of those – “go straight from work to a party without even having to change your jacket”design


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