Doing The Rounds

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Ms. Bhatt seems to be doing things in twos while promoting her movie. First, it was dresses in earthy tones and later on we saw her doing tank tops with mini skirts.

Wonder what’s next? Hopefully, something way more interesting than what we’ve seen so far.

P.S. Alia is in DvF in the first pic, Pia Pauro in the third pic and a Zara skirt in the last pic.

Alia Bhatt at Student Of The Year Promotions

Left: DvF Della Dress
Right: Zara Skirt

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Prokerala, Twitter

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    • Maybe because she is 19. It is perfectly fine to be and look like a ’19 year old’ when you are 19. A 19 year old being pushed as a 27 year old bomb is wrong.

      • Britney Spears was 17 when she came out and even though she had a little spice/sex appeal to her in her first music video she STILL had the “It” factor when she was completely covered up in those times. Some people have it some people don’t… I don’t think it’s fair to other girls to say Alia is just 19 so let’s make excuses for her.

        One of my friends friend’s name was Maple Batalia – google her she was a actor in Vancouver canada and she DEF had an it factor.. she was murdered :(.. such a sad story.. but a good comparison I think in terms of age group/it factor.

      • @Nick: yes, she doesn’t look 19, BUT what I was trying to say was that she looks like a 19 years old who lacks the IT factor. There have been plenty of other actresses who started around the same age, yet they all had that x-factor

  1. The DvF dress looks too mature for her (maybe it’s the colour). She looks better in the tank top and mini skirt and should be wearing bright, fruity and frothy colours to suit her age and the movie. She has a sweet face!

  2. i looved both the skirts..but i wish she had paired them wid fancier tops.. those tanks look of bad quality like something picked up from the streets

  3. what’s with the complaints of her looking like a child, she’s a child, she should look like one.. come one people be more accepting.. didn’t the west accept dakota fanning and lindsay when they were kids… why does everyone have to be a sex bomb in india??? GROW UP!


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