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Aishwarya attended an Ambani pre-wedding event wearing a red suit by Sabyasachi. Can’t say I like the suit because its just too much red for my taste. Would’ve preferred it if she had worn a nude gloss versus that signature red lipstick of hers.

Aishwarya Rai

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • Wait! what!? Another Ambani pre wedding??

      Where is pre-pre engagement? Pre engagement? Engagement? Post engagement? Post-post engagement?

      And now ladies and gentleman its time to get your eyes hurt because all the guests would turn up in most blingest outfit they could find in the entire world.

      • In a country like India where over 50% are poor or impoverished it’s beyond atrocious that Ambanis feel no moral or ethical responsibility to tone down their celebrations
        every year they have 25 of these lavish events packed into a week for some child’s wedding

        They don’t have to look too far….. just look out the window of Antilla to see what poverty looks like.

        Our Bollywood?
        They just need an excuse to wear borrowed gaudy blingy dejyner outfits and party like there is no tomorrow

  1. Agree too much red, but then again with a face like that anything looks good. I’m liking the simplicity of this look ….By the way, she looks pregnant or is it the way she wears her dupatta?!

  2. Don’t know what’s designer about this.. ? In any case it’s a simple look and she looks fine. It’s ok to wear red lipstick with a red salwar, since it’s not very ornate!

  3. This would look so much better with good styling – sleek hair (Im actually missing the middle parted low bun), some big earrings, dark eyes, nude lips, better draped dupatta, and better pics!

  4. I think we should stop fussing over her laid back fashion appetite. She Looks fine by just being in a coloured (for a occasion) suit and not over done like everyone these days

  5. How can a heavyweight designer pass this off as a “creation”? This is local tailor level stuff and atleast that would be affordable. HHH, please encourage celebs to wear non-designer stuff!

  6. I can imagine this being pure chiffon with some gorgeous embroidery…like Kate Middleton wore in Pakistan. It looks so red because the plain dupatta covers the full front portion which might (or might not) have work on it.
    I am a sucker for chiffon suits with work and i LOVE it. The way she wears it though, not so much. Why drape a plain dupatta covering the whole front? Why not wear the dupatta on the side, vertically?

  7. The most beautiful face on this planet earth
    With the most boring sense of dressing in the entire universe.
    Sad !!
    I’m so done with her same old hairstyle … same red lips & old cat eye :(
    I wud flaunt my face if I had her looks

  8. Sometimes I feel she purposely dresses down so not to be the center of attraction. She is so beautiful yet doesn’t do justice to the choice of outfits.


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