In Blumarine

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The Ambanis hosted a party celebrating their team’s (Mumbai Indians) IPL win and in attendance was Aishwarya wearing a metallic Blumarine gown.

Can’t say am a fan of the pleated gown but then we also don’t have the best pics. Like what you see?


Left: Blumarine, Fall 2015
Right: Aishwarya Rai at Mumbai Indians Party at Ambanis


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  1. Why would you put the third pic from first row? If you had no other photo of the dress or the dress was better visible it would make sense. I have noticed you do that at times with diff stars. You don’t need to use all the photos in your stock ladies…discretion.. discretion!

  2. And this, folks, is how you know that Aishwarya has returned to India. OTT and glittery outfit, clunky sandals, glittery belt.

  3. No I don’t like what I see and I doubt any other photos will make this outfit look good. Getting a Morticia Addams vibe from the (almost always the same) hair to the outfit.

  4. You can post as many pics as you want, it still doesn’t look good from any angle. And the wide (OMG) belt just makes it even worse. Yes, thank god for her mesmerizing face.

  5. Wondering if Jaya takes over choosing her clothes once she is in India. Such a stark difference from her international sightings.

  6. AND AND AND she is back to being Sonam Kapoor at Cannes back home.

    Hate the gown. Her face, though, looks beautiful as ever! Glowing.


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