In Elie Saab

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A drop dead gorgeous look from Ms. Rai in an Elie Saab and Longines only released tiny pics. They ought to know better than to restrict this stellar appearance to only 150 X 260 pixels. 😛

Update: Thanks ‘Aniket’, ‘Nidhi’ and ‘Alisha’ for pointing us to the bigger pics.


Aishwarya Rai at Longines Charity Dinner 2010


Left: Elie Saab, Spring 2010
Right: Aishwarya Rai at Longines Charity Dinner 2010


Left: Elie Saab, Spring 2010
Right: Aishwarya Rai at Longines Charity Dinner 2010


Aishwarya Rai (with Gustavo Kuerten) at Longines Charity Dinner 2010

Photo Credit: Longines

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  1. she looks stunning. Beautiful gown, clutch,hair and make up. My guess is that she has had a good stylist for this event.

    • I agree with u.
      Also compared to her recent appearances such as cannes etc she is looking well dressed here.

      PS: Her hands in the side facing pic are looking very untonned in the sleevless dress.

      • Yea this is her best pic I’ve seen in a while, I did like her simple look in that blue dress at the French open… she looks stunning… I agree about her arms though… having said that I’m glad she flaunts her curves! It makes me want to flaunt mine… ” If she can, I can” mentality!

    • Yea… absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the detailing on the shoulder of this dress .. hair, makeup and the gorgeous clutch (I totally want it!)

  2. looks good..but her face is showing the weight she put on now,..its looks rather rounder…she does look good though…

    • OMG i guess she looks gr8. please stop pinpointing her for every damn thing. she doesnt have to be size zero for that Bonet face (like in Dhoom2) all the time.

      She looks healthy fresh and of course that Elie saab gown is fantastic. I love the Balmain inspired shoulders 😉

      • hahah i totally i agree..we are here to judge her fashion sense..not be overtly critical on the number lbs/kgs she has gained…the women has the right to put on a few pounds. Anyways she looks fabbbb!!!

        • you bet, she has every right to put on a few pounds:) she looks LOVELY and the gown is beautiful. I know she’s a star and maybe shud make more efforts to look toned, starved and dying like a lot of other celebrities, but I greatly appreciate the fact that in this way represents us ordinary women, the healthy, normal weight, not so toned and yet beautiful folks! Kudos to that…

  3. she somehow changes her style when she is not in india…why change it at home..she looks amazing in these outfits and should wear more of it back home…always sari clad…although i love those too…she could give some actresses a run for their money with her elegance…(except sushmita:)

  4. what an amazing gown…! seen a gown after a very long time that i absolutely fell in love with…! not to mention her make-up & hair…! everything just looks perfect…! wish to see a higher resolution pic =(

  5. Stunning! I would stea- er, wear that gown in a heart-beat. It has that 1930’s glamor that I covet.

    Really, there’s never anything to fault with Ms. Rai neck up. If it had been a sleek French twist in the back without that little tuft of hair poking out, I think it would have been better. But that’s all that I can fault.

  6. That’s a STUNNING gown. Absolutely droolworthy. And this is the first time in ages that Ash has completely nailed her look – she looks fabulous.

  7. She looks great. And how awkward does Guga look in his suit and fit is off too. But I loved him when he won all those french opens years back and it is so great to see him 🙂

  8. Guess we will be seeing a lot more Elie Saab on Aishwarya now. Clearly Elie is a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and I am sure that must have influenced her stylists choice. I wish she would go a little more edgy or unpredictable once in a while. She does choose the safest outfits for appearances in foreign countries. Though I love the gown, I just don’t see Aishwarya a fashion forward person, I see her more as a fashion / trend follower.

  9. now why couldnt she have worn this at cannes? she looks cute here. although the fabric covering her midriff looks too fussy given her proportions.

  10. Yayy! LOVE it. Though, I am kinda getting annoyed with all the talk about her gaining weight and looking “round”. STOP!

  11. How many karma points do you think one needs to notch up to get to wear a dress like that??? i just loveeee this dress….OMG!!

  12. Oh this is perfection. She looks stunning. What a perfect gown for her. This is her best appearance this year, and added to her all time favs. Hope they release bigger photos.
    Love the eye make-up, matches the gown very well.

  13. Wow! I was stunned when I saw her in this avatar first. And to someone above, Ash is more elgant than Sush, it’s just that Ash is more of the ‘reserved kind’ where as Sush is not.

    And btw P&P, higher resolution pictures are available at all of her fan sites or even the FB page of Longines. Thanks for the post anyway! 🙂

  14. She does look beautiful! But I cant help but notice how the gold clutch clashes with the silver/pewter tone of the embellishments on both shoulders..

  15. Hi All, I’m new here (though I’ve been lurking for a while).

    Love the look here; she seems slimmer here than at Cannes (esp in the powder blue gown she wore).

  16. Much better than her cannes red carpet looks, make-up is better; as this time she has the FULL EYE MAKE-UP, which is what always adds the wow factor.

  17. she luks damn gud!! flawless is the word for everything make up dress hair …and ofcourse that clutch!!!

  18. Ash is stunning in everything….she has stunned the world with her beau•ti•ful•ness… really is there women out there that is so alluring? It is as if she was born to taunt us with her beauty…hunting really. However, I must admit, I prefer the model in this dress – her posture is better. Ash looks just fitted if you know what I mean!

  19. I dont like the eye make up….

    Very heavy eye make up doesnt suit green/blue eyes…a good example is Celina J.

    It looks like she oscillated from one end of the spectrum i.e. no eye make up to the other end – very heavy.

    But she is looking good.

  20. perfect……first the blue roland garros n this…

    is this ash’s best look ever??i mean amongst her non-saree looks….??maybe not n im too lazy to dig into the archives…..but the best look in a very long time certainly 🙂

  21. hey can any1 plz tell me the brand of the clutch shez holdin (or the designer it has been designed by) plz!!!!!!!!

    • I agree, that clutch is kickin. I do love the gown and clutch but honestly the look would have looked more stunning on someone else. She doesn’t have a chic pulled together look, more grandma and all over the place. Her face and hair look vulgar.

  22. this dress makes her look so much more smaller than that black strapless she wore at Cannes. Even this makeup makes her look younger than the makeup with that dress.

    Says a lot people, only Dolly Parton can pull off an over the top makeup, others need to tone it down and Aish needs makeup to just accentuate her beauty not cover it up in layers of paint.

  23. elegance certainly is an attitude ..and Ms Rai certainly seems to posses loads of it 🙂 she looks beautiful…so classy. love that gown.

  24. So nice to see Ash with slightly voluminous hair. Could this look BE more accomplished?? Maybe the gold of the clutch clashes with the silver…but let’s not split hairs just this time! 😛 just a call me Aishwarya Forever.
    I wouldn’t wear watches with this type of dress, but obviously that would defeat the purpose of the occasion! The bracelet is great as it gives you something more feminine to look at rather than the watch. Watches can be feminine but to me this one isn’t.