The Shiney Effect

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Blame it on Shiney, who took his name a little bit too seriously and then sparked off the shiny suit trend. Maybe, the material looks good when no flashbulbs are around, but our request to the fine folks who don these suits is that they wear it only when they know there will be no camera folks attending. Because, having to look at them in it in pictures is pure torture.

Coming to the point, Bachchan Jr., joined the bandwagon too, but thankfully wore black pants. Although he didn’t look as ridiculous as the others, we still would have preferred it if he had given the jacket a complete miss, altogether!

P.S. Did we blind you with this post? 😉


Left: Shiney Ahuja at ‘Hijack Premiere’, Sep 2008
Right: Bharat Thakur at ‘Maya Nagar’ Launch, Dec 2008


Left: Aftab Shivdasani at ‘Aloo Chaat’ Premiere, Mar 2009
Right: Abhishek Bachchan at Reebok Launches The ‘Shiamak’ Collection, Mar 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are like fitted Zoot suits! lol
    Even though Abhishek had the sense to work it out disco-ball style from head to toe, he still gets a tsk from me.

  2. finally bachan jr is clean shaven with close cropped hair. that alone is worth celebrating. def he is the best of the “tin foil men”

  3. aftab is the worst among these BUT this is an improvement for him. Much better than those tees with cheesy lines LOL…still cringe at the thought of it

  4. Did you Blind me? You guys owe me a cornea! Horrid shiny people.

    But i suspect the suits might have looked okay-ish in real life. Perhaps the flash set off that flood of shine?

  5. Bachchan Jr has lost some weight and had a shave. Looking much better. Actually makes you forget his shiny suit for a minute

  6. ‘but our request to the fine folks who don these suits is that they wear it only when they know there will be camera folks attending’
    is that what your request is? lol

    Yes thankffully AB junior didn’t subject us to the torture of shine, but i can’t believe he shaved, i’m not happy! so i don’t like anyway!

  7. affi takes the cake in his shiney suit avataar!!!
    btw, shiney suits look best on lean bodies, so next time all u guys…..leave the shimmer to the gals


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