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  1. Puruda at | | Reply

    whtz wrong wid dis woman…..or shud i say…..wasnt it a crime punishable enuf to wear it foh da first tym tht she is hell bent on repeating it, rathr da same outmoded style ovr n ovr again…..jeez! can’t stand that bland makeup eithr!

  2. kannu at | | Reply

    should we donate some money ?????

  3. Pitu at | | Reply

    Oh so boring!

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply


  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    she only did one movie and she is not that great so can’t afford to buy that many cloths yet :)

  6. Lyzeh at | | Reply

    Nothing wrong with repeating :) as long as you’re accessorizing differently.

  7. Lyzeh at | | Reply

    Such silly comments girls:
    I think it’s stupid to wear an expensive outfit once and dump it, i really like when starts repeat their clothes, atleast once.

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