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    “In the comments section leave us a line.” – A line about? This be my line?

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    I would so, so, love to get a copy of this book…

  4. ashish at | | Reply

    its SHEFALEE and not Shefali like you have spelt in the title

  5. Rohit Narvekar at | | Reply

    HHC has always been amazing in providing the latest red carpet updates and playing fashion police! And the book sounds great for someone who loves fashion and to know about it, I would love to get my hands on this book. Again the collaboration of HHC with the book means its got ta be Superb. Love HHC, Looking forward to reading your book Shefali.

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    This would be a great addition to the collectibles in my mini library.

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    Love it or hate it but you just cannot ignore the presence of fashion in your life. And people in the industry would vouch for the fact that it’s worth all the pain, sorrows and disappointments.

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    HHC kickstarts my day like nothing else can! Love u guys! :)

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    I would love to have a copy of this :) Hoping to win

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    time to get up, take charge and free ownself..

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    would absolutely love to read this book :)

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    This book is gonna be a quick summary of all the happenings to uplift our thoughts for the “real industry”

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    It’s you guys who got me hooked to fashion on a daily basis, so it would have been awesome getting this book from you. However, since NRIs have been brutally lopped off (no fair, P & P!), I don’t qualify. Can’t we leave an India address to mail the book to and enter that way? :(

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    wonder what dark secrets this book will reveal, will it be more dramatic than the movie Fashion? looking forward to it :)

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    I love browsing through hhc, given me a lot of tips on dressing and accessorizing

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    The world of fashion is dazzing to a small town girl with stars in the eye and big dreams. Reality is, with the dazzle almost blinds and the stars shine down. However for the eternal optimist there is always hope. Having been “Andrea” to “Miranda” I know the love for all things fashion surpasses all and in this world everyone can make their dreams come true! Looking forward to reading this steely and incisive book by Shefalee Vasudev

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    Beauty can never be skin-deep.

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    Fashion is not just about clothes. It is a rather complex creative process. Only the end product is visible, which is always very beautiful. I’d really love to know what goes on behind the scenes.Powder Room provides us with a glimpse into the rather intriguing world of fashion and I’m excited to know more…

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    Would love to receive a copy of this book..!! FIngers crossed !! :)

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    Watch the daily show. Jon stewart is the smartest guy on the planet :D

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    Powder Room seems to be a fascinating title for a book on Indian Fashion Industry. I am sure the experience of reading the book must be equally fascinating. I love reading about varied subjects, so the title and subject definitely piqued by interest. I would love to get hold of a copy of the book and read about the industry.

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    “Checkmate, Soulmate!”

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    the cover reminds me of black swan! part endearing part evil !!

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    I’m a huge bibliophile, and especially enjoy Indian authors, therefore the interest in this giveaway. However, i never seem to win anything on this site!!

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    I really enjoy Payal and Priyanka’s take on the world. Insightful, opinionated and always interesting!

    Would love to read the book!


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    thanx fr d giveaway.
    i wanna say
    every field hs certain deep n dark secrets which r always hidden n fashion industry is not an exception to it.

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    My precious!

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    Please, I’d like to review it on my blog.

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    I love your blog. Its my daily dose. I visit every day without fail. Keep up the great work guys !

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    I read the first chapter of the book at a friend’s place and loved it. I was about to order it online when I saw this. So I’ll hold on,and hope it win it here instead!

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    A Model’s life is so fascinating.. Always under pressure even during bad days to look good.. so much competition.. so much uncertainity.. its so intriguing..

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    wow.. i would love to read this book. please enter me for the giveaway. :)

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    ‘Bout anything! :) i love fashion and books so a book on fashion i must have it :) love this blog n cant do without reading for a day!

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    I really wanna read this book guys!!:D

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    fashion industry …great from outside but sad from iinside…..go into the details only if u are ready to give up ur fascination for fashion ..coz once u know ‘it’..u will never waana be there !!!!

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    One should learn never to fight with a Pig, because we get dirty; beside the Pig likes it.

  38. Kanika at | | Reply

    I like reading. I love fashion. Give me it already :)

  39. Manveet at | | Reply

    Don’t be judgmental, there’s more to it, than you can see!

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    Hoping to win this! :)

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    “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

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    I want!

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    Really hoping that I win this!

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    Its an interesting book I guess…the title and the gist invoke a good sense of curiosity ;) All the best!!

  46. masha brar at | | Reply

    hey payal and priyanka…i love visiting high heel whenever i get the chance…
    and i love fashion and books…so can u please pick me in the lucky draw somehow….

  47. Rashmi Krishna at | | Reply

    Oh you gals have such varied giveaways! It’s really lovely.
    I ve been reading Ms. Vasudev’s section in the Indian Express (online) called “UNFASHION”. Always found it insightful and written with a surprising honesty. Would expect the book to be an interesting read as well.
    Fingers crossed :)

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    I truly believe that both you should use your wit to write something sensational in fiction as well!!

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    cant wait to get my hands on this book.

  50. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Fingers crossed ;) … Of course for the giveaway!

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    Wooww!!! A Lovely Giveaway…. Who Wouldnt want to win it!!!

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    Leaves a lot of powder room for imagination…

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    Luv this blog!!! :) Would be nice to read what actually happens behind the curtains of glamour….

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    this book sounds fascinating!

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    LIFE is all about Love, Interdependence &Independence, Friendship & Enthusiasm.

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    I have always been excited about make up! Love how one can add so much drama..would love to experience smthin like this!

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    Am a nerd who’s discovered Indian fashion through your site. If there is a book giveaway, how can I resist? :)

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    Im dying to read this book.As im a budding fashion/style blogger, I want to know the reality of this glamour world. Looking forward to read this!

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