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  1. Annapurna Sreehari at |

    1. Bright lip stick.
    2. Credit/debit card.
    3. ID for purchasing the adult beverage(s).

  2. arpy at |

    Done,. Three things in my clutch would be a cellphone, my fav lip balm and a sanitizer!

  3. Sharanya at |

    Phone, Keys, Lipgloss

  4. Sharanya at |

    phone. keys, lip gloss

  5. kavya at |

    3 things I never leave without – 1. Lip Gloss
    2. Kohl
    3. Comb

  6. Shrinidhi at |

    1] Tinted lip balm
    2] Wipes – because….toddler!!!
    3] Phone

  7. Meenakshi Chidambaram at |

    The three things I don’t leave home without car&house keys, ATM card and my favourite Lip gloss ! :) Done !

  8. Sujatha at |

    Money, lip balm and face tissues

  9. Shreya at |

    Debit card, maybelline baby lips balm and keys

  10. Amina at |

    Credit Card, Driver’s License, Phone

  11. Zenia at |

    Three things in my clutch I never leave home without are –
    1. My red lipstick that is an instant pick-me-up for any outfit that I am wearing.
    2. A few wet wipes to deal with the Mumbai heat and humidity
    3. A smile which is the perfect accessory to have!
    Done liking :)

  12. ravita kankaria at |

    1. Home Keys
    2. Cellphone
    3. Driving License


  13. Kritika at |

    My lip balm, phone and box of mints

  14. Paromita C at |

    1. The most important things that I MUST have in my clutch before leaving home, are:

    i. My choice of lipstick for that day
    ii. House keys
    iii. Debit/credit cards.

    2. Done (Followed on Instagram, liked on FB)

  15. Sandra jain at |

    I shudder at the thought of having to leave my home without these essentials in my clutch .
    My lip balm, perfume and Orbit.

  16. Priyanka Deshpande at |

    The 3 things in my clutch I would never leave home without –
    1. Cash
    2. lip balm
    3. pack of tissues

  17. Heli at |

    Three things in my clutch I never leave home without is my phone, a lipstick and a comb.

  18. shwetad23 at |

    keys, cards and phone

  19. anusha_suraj at |

    Phone< MOney< house Keys

  20. saachi_daga at |


  21. Sj Dc at |

    tissues, lip balm, money

  22. asha_suraj at |


  23. shruti at |

    Never leave my house without my phone (duh!), lip balm and credit card.

  24. marinajerr at |

    I always take my phone, cash and tissues before I leave home.

  25. shweta_suraj at |


  26. shweta_suraj at |

    bubble gum(no bad breathe)

  27. Kanika Sangar at |

    1. Money
    2. Mobile phone
    3. Lip gloss

  28. Swati Sapna at |

    1. 3 Things in my clutch that I never leave home without – phone, debit card, MAC lipstick
    2. Following SVA on Instagram
    3. Liked SVA on FB

  29. Manika Oberoi at |

    Done and the answer is : my Credit/debit cards, lip balm and some change ofcourse :)

  30. Aash at |

    1. My Mac Russian Red/Diva
    2. iPhone charger
    3. $$$ B-)

    Done and done! :-D

  31. Anu M at |

    So many things that I cant leave home without but the top 3 are lipgloss, eye pencil, mints


  32. Sonal at |

    1. Phone
    2. Kamala
    3. Money for emergency

  33. Nikki at |

    1. keys, mobile, credit card
    2. FB – done
    3. Instagram – done

  34. Nanki Singh at |

    The three things I never leave home without are my Keys, Lip Gloss and Phone. Done :)

  35. Soni Sultania at |

    The 3 things in my clutch that I don’t leave home without are:
    – Cell Phone
    – House Keys
    – Lip Stick

  36. Shikha at |

    I would leave with the black and gold glam and would go with most of the colours and outfits in my wardrobe :) – done

  37. Renu Kinger at |

    3 Things in my clutch I never leave home without:
    1. Lip Gloss
    2. Mini Perfume bottle
    3. Credit Card/ PRESS Card


  38. Pragya ladha at |

    I dont leave home without these three things in my clutch. A lip balm, cardamoms, and some money.

  39. Sowmya at |

    1. My phone and keys
    2. Money
    3. And of course, my lipstick for the day :)


  40. Sirisha V at |

    I wouldn’t leave my home without my keys, lip balm and cellphone !

  41. Manali at |

    3 things in my clutch which I can never leave home without
    1. phone
    2. comb
    3. chewing gum


  42. nan at |

    Lipstick, cash, phone

  43. Vasundhara at |

    1. Phone
    2. Lipstick
    3. Credit Cards

  44. Priya Kadapa Shah at |

    2. Compact
    3. Keys

  45. Mansa Jain at |

    Mobile, ATM, Lipstick


  46. Anahita irani at |

    The three things in my clutch I will never leave home without is house keys, mobile phone and house keys.
    Done all the steps. Thank you

  47. Puneet kaur Shergill at |

    -Calling Device (aka mobile), Cash(or card) and House keys (I don’t like being locked outside :P)

  48. Mukta at |

    3 things I carry in my clutch :
    1) Home keys 2) Money/Card 3)Lip balm/Gloss

    Liked on facebook and Instagram :)
    Happy Holidays!

  49. Priya Das at |

    A lipstick, some tissues and a little mirror.

  50. Preksha Paliwal at |

    Things essential when going out of house.
    1) Lip Balm
    2) Hand Sanitizer
    3) Keys, Cash, and phone combo.

    Instagram preksha_paliwal

  51. saumya shukla at |


  52. Adele Dlima at |

    1. My Maybelline colossal Kajal.
    2. My Mac PlushGlass lip gloss.
    3. My Iphone.


  53. Alpna at |

    Three things in my clutch:
    Credit card

  54. Devangi Chopra at |

    Along With The Perfect Dress, You Always Need The Perfect Clutch And The Three Things In My Clutch That I Never Leave Home Without Are:

    1. My MAC Velvet Teddy Or MAC Creme D’ Nude Lipstick.
    2. My Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact, Shade: Pearl.
    3. My Portable Charger! Cause These Days, Cellphone Battery Life Has Become As Much As A Necessity As Makeup! :)

    Done Following On Instagram..
    Done Liking The Facebook Page…
    Thankyou :)

  55. Aastha Gupta at |

    There are generally more than three things I can’t leave home without but if I have to restrict myself to three then – black kohl, perfume and my house keys to let me inside the house!
    I surprisingly can live without my cell phone and it’s a good feeling :)

    Like the facebook and instagram page – DONE!

  56. Afshan Naushad at |

    I always carry my compact,lipstick and phone in my clutch

  57. Ina at |

    With my comb , small mirror and body mist are three things

  58. Afshan Naushad at |

    I always carry my compact,lipstick and phone in my clutch. ‘Done’

  59. Haneeta chawla at |

    I never leave home without these in my clutch:
    MAC studio fix (for the shiny nose)
    Lip colour for the evening (touch ups after drinks)
    Credit cards! (To of course pay for the drinks)

  60. Megha Bahuguna at |

    Done. Followed on social media. The three things in my clutch which i never leave home without are:
    1. Mobile
    2. Cash
    3 . Lip balm

  61. Sneha Suraj at |

    Mobile,Keys and Money!

  62. rati chaudhary at |

    I don’t leave home without carrying these three things in my clutch:

    * Lip Gloss
    * phone
    * money

    And also Done! :)

  63. Snehha at |

    1.ATM Card
    2. Perfume
    3. Lipstick

  64. khushi at |

    Phone,keys and cash!

  65. Vin at |

    Three must have things in the clutch are:
    1. Phone
    2. Small comb/ hair brush
    3. Keys

  66. somyata sharma at |

    Three things in my clutch without whcich i never leave house are:
    1. my phone
    2. My lipstick /lipbalm
    3. Money or card

    Done. I have completed all the steps mentioned above.

  67. Sylviana at |

    I would never leave home without my phone,kajal and lipgloss in my clutch.

  68. Amrita Prasad at |

    1. Phone, lip gloss, keys!
    2. Done
    3. Done

  69. Madhura Sanas at |

    3 things which are must in my clutch are:
    1. Debit and credit cards
    2. Lipstick ;)
    3. Kajal Pencil

  70. kamar jahan at |

    Home Keys, credit card and lip balm will always be in my clutch
    followed on insta and fb (velvetbytes and kamar jahan)

  71. Kirti Chawla at |

    In my clutch you will always find a lipstick, house keys and benefit porefessional!

  72. Shuchita at |

    Three things in my clutch I’ll never leave home without:
    1: Lip Balm
    2: Pen
    3: Sanitizer

    Facebook page liked. Instagram followed.

  73. from-chitown at |

    The three things I always carry in my purse – credit card, phone and lip gloss. Done.

  74. Vi at |

    When it comes to an evening event, my clutch has to hold my lipstick, card wallet and breath mints/gum.


  75. ojasvi at |

    1. My mobile phone, lip balm and credit card
    2. Done
    3. Done

  76. Shivani Bagani at |

    I never leave without:
    My phone, lipbalm and car keys!

    Also, Done!

  77. Ishika Chawla at |

    Three things in my clutch I never leave home without:
    1. Kajal
    2. Lip balm
    3. Money

  78. Ishika Chawla at |

    1. Money 2. Kajal 3. Lip Balm

  79. Shalini at |

    – Keys, Credit Card and Phone!
    – Done

  80. nitika at |

    Three things- my cellphone, compact mirror and money.

  81. Mansi Khatri at |

    3 things in my clutch I never leave home without are lipbalm, small body mist bottle and money.

  82. Swathi at |

    Phone,lipstick and small mirror

  83. Kavya at |

    1. Kohl pencil
    2. Lip gloss
    3. Mint

  84. Namita singla at |

    I never leave the following things
    1 lipcolor
    2 bb cream
    3 comb ?

  85. Sonal G at |

    Three things are money, house keys and lip balm!

  86. MahalGolden at |

    mobile,keys,lip balm
    liked on FB (mahalgolden)
    Following on insta (Cick_files)
    Done !

  87. Deepa at |

    My three must-haves would be credit card, lipstick and phone

  88. Deepa at |

    My three must-haves would be credit card, lipstick and phone. Done!

  89. ajeeta at |

    * Cash
    * Phone
    * Gums ( mouth freshner)


  90. Supriya at |

    My phone, lip balm and kajal

  91. Anusha at |

    Three things that always go in my clutch:
    Lip balm, house keys, cash


  92. preksha modi at |

    1. Driving license
    2. MakeUp Essentials
    3. Cash

  93. Jyoti at |

    3 things in my clutch that I never leave home without are –
    1 – Debit cards.
    2 – Powder Compact.
    3 – Breath Mints.


    Liked their FB page.

    Followed on Instagram via @mehrajyoti

  94. Neel D. at |

    1. Tell us which three things in your clutch you never leave home without. – I never leave my home without my lipgloss, house keys and mobile phone in my clutch.

    2. Follow SVA on Instagram here. – Followed

    3. Like SVA on Facebook here. – Followed.
    Done! Thank you!

  95. Jyotsana Sharma Pai at |

    Done. House keys, mobile and lip gloss.

  96. Neerja Israni at |

    Three things in the clutch I never leave home without: money, a packet of tissues and my cellphone

  97. Neerja Israni at |


  98. Jigna Shah at |

    I never leave my home without liner, mobile and car keys.

  99. Mani at |

    Compact, lipstick and money. Done

  100. suman jain at |

    1. Home keys
    2. Mobile
    3. Cash

  101. Kinj jain at |

    Perfume, lip balm, kajal

  102. Harshitha Venati at |

    The three things, one would usually find in my clutch, are: home keys, some cash and my lipstick.

  103. Alpana Razdan at |

    the three things in my clutch would be :
    1/ Mobile
    2/ some cash
    3/ Lipper

    I stay in Gurgaon / Haryana and would fancy the clutch in white :)

  104. Archi at |

    Well well, my must haves are Lip color, Eye Liner and Sunglasses. Oh yeah, and phone too.

  105. Hunar Harjai at |

    i’d never leave my home without taking
    1. Sunglasses
    2. Phone
    3. money
    in my clutch

  106. innayat Malhotra at |

    I will never go out without taking the following things in my clutch –
    1. Money wallet
    2. sunglasses
    3. Camera

  107. kusum at |

    Cash, Currency, Card (Id proof)

  108. Paahini Agarwal at |

    Well it would definitely be house keys, phone and lip gloss!

  109. Shruti at |

    Phone, credit card and hand sanitizer :)
    Done :)

  110. beenu kapoor at |

    Sunglasses, Cellphone & Lipstick !

  111. Deepti Solanki at |

    Mobile, Sunscreen & Kajal

  112. Sonal Romir at |

    I don’t leave home without my keys, credit card and lip balm.
    Done – Liked on fb, followed on Instagram.
    (Great clutches, perfect for the festive season)

  113. Jahnavi Chakravarty at |

    1. Perfume
    2. Lipstick
    3. Toothbrush
    (yes, I would leave my phone AT HOME)

  114. Samhita Ayaluri at |


  115. Hameetha Nasreen at |

    I cant leave home without my :
    1. Lip balm
    2. Mobile
    3. Wet tissues

    Hope to win!

  116. SHWETA MURARKA at |

    Hey!! Thankyou so much for the wonderful giveaway.My answer is given below
    1. Money,kajal n lipbalm are the three things always there in my clutch

    Facebook name- Shweta Murarka
    Instagram – instaaddict.shweta


  117. sneha valia at |

    I never leave my house without these three essentials- my lipstick,my phone and either my keys or some cash in my clutch..

  118. divya khurana at |

    Mobile, Sunglasses and money

  119. monikà at |

    1.cash 2.mobile 3. Small hair comb

  120. Nisha at |

    3 things in my clutch would be:
    my keys; lipgloss and comb

  121. kuldeep at |

    Comb, Cellphone & Cards (Debit/Credit)

  122. prabha at |

    Mobile, Powerbank, HomeKeys

  123. Urban Cowgirl at |

    Never leave home without my phone, my hand sanitizer and my lip balm for when it gets drier and colder as in these months. :)

    Done following on social media.

  124. Dhwani Nanavati at |

    Can’t leave home without my phone, lip balm, and lipstick in my clutch! DONE

  125. Aarti singh at |

    lipstick,phone and money these are three things IN MY CLUTCH i never leave home without.

  126. kusum at |

    Keys to Apartment

  127. jyotsna vibha at |

    Done all Steps :) Insta Id – @pvibhandik
    3 Essential things in my Clutch – 1) Lip Gloss 2) Face Wash 3) Comb. Thanks

  128. Srija at |

    Done :D
    Kajal ( that’s the must), Comb and Lip balm is a must in my Clutch

  129. nehaa soni sharma at |

    Cell phone

    Credit card
    Lip balm

  130. Kavya Seetala at |

    Ans.My mobile, lip balm, sanitizer.

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