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  1. crab at | | Reply

    Just count my vote in every time you spot a kanjeevaram. Love!

    1. sri at | | Reply

      that is benares silk. can make out from the border.

      1. crab at | | Reply

        Are you sure? The pallu looks like silk zaree.

  2. dn at | | Reply

    Aww…. this is beautiful!! She is perfectly dressed for a wedding reception. I love the colour combination.

  3. sabrina at | | Reply

    i agree, your nostalgia is making you biased.

  4. Chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    She does look absolutely beautiful.

  5. Always Happy at | | Reply

    She looks simple and gorgeous as ever. the saree could have been draped a bit better though.

  6. Aspira at | | Reply

    she is dressed like an 80-year old. I don’t mind the sari but she needs to learn to accessorize! not sure what statement she’s trying to make but not making an impact on me in any positive way.

    1. Smitha at | | Reply

      Exactly! Her saree’s lovely, but she looks like a maami!

      1. Indu at | | Reply

        but she is a maami..a tam bram! and i think she is embracing that thought pretty well and not mingle in the crowd that hangs one boob out! sorry! but she is in that league..and i appreciate the way she embraces and has no qualms in admitting to it…

  7. Megha at | | Reply

    she looks absolutely perfect
    to me her best ever (that i can remember anyway!)

  8. suchi at | | Reply

    saree gorgeous, the draping awful, blouse awful, accessories awful. very disappointed. she can look so much better. the pallu over the shoulder is beyond awful

  9. kumar at | | Reply

    Vidya, can u please go away for a while? actually, requesting all the photographers to take more pics of kiran rao than this bore fest. least she’s interesting!

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Haha. In agreement, she is such a snooze fest.

  10. ANGL at | | Reply

    makes her look older. i dont like it. maybe better hair or some accessories could have helped.

  11. purplez at | | Reply

    The sari is beautiful, but surely she could look more spirited than that !

  12. way2sassy at | | Reply

    she looks very pretty…but in a very girl next door kinda way.. go to any average south indian wedding, and you’ll find fifteen women dressed like this ..maybe even better. She does exude an effortless grace though..maybe her USP IS the ‘girl next door’ thing…like Jaya Bhaduri of yesteryears.

  13. Dits at | | Reply

    love the color combo of the sari. Love colors. She looks good too.

  14. RS at | | Reply

    I just died and went to heaven…..the sari is that stunning. Especially the purple on the pallu. People shouldn’t be complaining about the drape. I am south indian and I know how difficult it is to carry such heavy silk saris and still manage to look casual in them. She effortlessly seems to manage that and I love her sari style.

    1. Addicted at | | Reply

      It’s difficult but not impossible… Don’t make all of us Southies sloppy da!

    2. suchi at | | Reply

      no way! i am south indian too. the really good kanchi sarees are the easiest to wear, they drape beautifully and are super comfy.

      1. charan at | | Reply

        Being a tam-bram myself, i think silk sarees drape very well. She should try to pleat the pallu and not be sloppy.

        She can may be get few lessons from the south Indian actresses who were silk saree so impeccably… i don’t know how those ladies can wear it perfectly, hugging the curves the right way… oh so sexy!

  15. diptiN at | | Reply

    the sari is nice, wish she had left her hair straight, the hair style makes her look very matronly.

  16. bongbabe at | | Reply

    how much do these saris cost, on average?

  17. ash at | | Reply

    Nice saree, beautiful colours, I love bright coloured silk. She really needs to invest in some jewelery though, what is with those earrings shes wearing?! This is quite a simple saree what with the small border and all, imagine how great it would look with a really striking neck piece.

    1. monika agarwal at | | Reply

      Agree on the neckpiece…..but her earrings are always stunning

      1. ash at | | Reply

        These earrings with this saree? I’m sorry it’s not ‘stunning’ for me.

  18. Zarine Mohideen at | | Reply

    Her hair looks weird. But the sari is sooo pretty! Love the colour.

  19. Lovya at | | Reply

    Beautiful saree…but I am sure she doesn’t want to look older than her mom!!! It should be perked up with better hair and more grace. What a sloppy pose with folded hands and sari over the shoulder…

  20. nandso at | | Reply

    how bad can her arms be? she covers them up every chance she gets. she’s got to do something about it.

  21. CatGrrl at | | Reply

    What happened to her hair.

  22. Bertie at | | Reply

    just give it up! this is how she will always be! graceful whatever!
    she does this because she can’t do anything else :D
    cannot remember another bollywood heroine in recent times or even back to sridevi/madhuri times who would be dressed like this ALL THE TIME!!!

  23. saristyle at | | Reply

    saree is beautiful..hands down!!!
    but she looks soyi uthi..!!!

  24. super girl at | | Reply

    What I feel is you people dislike Vidya .When she looks fine you have to crib about it and so after many comments which say they disagree with you ,you randomly praise her to make up.The sari is preety but she is not at all looking preety here.HHC is no more intresting.It has become more of a gossip corner.

  25. wannabe at | | Reply

    Love the combination, I am sure something wrong with her blouse – if you notice her hands are covered in every photograph :) not once she has dropped the pallu or is that the way she wanted it to be..

  26. Debarati Dutta at | | Reply

    The saree is beautiful but in a simple kind of way and, given this simplicity of design, Vidya should have worked on complimenting the saree differently. Her subtle earthy look is not working here (and actually makes her look drab) and her draping style is just too plain.

    That said, I commend the choice of saree for several reasons: (1) It is a welcome break away from the I-am-a-living-chandelier look cultivated by this generation of Bollywood celebs; (2) the saree gives a wonderful boost to the handloom industry which seems to have lost the patronage of the average metropolitan shopper, and (3) fashion choices such as this force young people to dig into their mom’s closets to bring out classic silks that look classy and distinctive and never go out of fashion.

    However, given that silk saree (is this a kanjeevaram?) has no motifs on the body and a rather thin border and pallu, Vidya could have teamed the saree with heavy traditional jewelry too give her look the “oomph” factor that is lacking here. I would have also liked to see a different drape (with a longer pallu), a pulled back hairstyle to frame that lovely face, and a more sophisticated makeup more befitting the evening event.

    What do you think?

  27. SS at | | Reply

    totally frumpy. the saree is not to blame, it is the draping and how it is being carried.

  28. prat at | | Reply

    dunno y u guys r gushing at this look.
    the one thing she ALWAYS gets right with her clothes is how to look 10 years older.
    pretty, and yes she does look decent for someone way older than her.

  29. mithu at | | Reply

    Never fails to look like amma!

  30. sonia at | | Reply

    why dont u do a” ditto” on this pic with ur mom pic on the side :)
    would love to see it !

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