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  1. Sal(SS) at | | Reply

    It’s a gorgeous look, like the other two, and she’s working the whole regal, Indian-princess thing, but I hope she goes for a non-high-neck blouse for the next appearance.

  2. Neha at | | Reply

    Why this hairstyle??

  3. BALJEET DHOLPURIYA at | | Reply

    Good looking gatsby celebrity vidya Balan is oolaa oolaa ab main javan ho gayi

  4. dn at | | Reply

    The ghunghat makes it look costumey. Would have preferred the red lehenga instead.

  5. Pheeling laejji at | | Reply

    As lovely as both the lehanga and the woman wearing it looks, it looks a tad costumey to me. The ease is missing with which Mrs. Rehman carries a duppata on the head/ hijab.

    1. ash at | | Reply

      Agree 100%. Too costumey. Kanistha still pulled it off, but Vidya doesn’ve have the sartorial confidence for this.

      1. Al at | | Reply

        Yes Agree! COSTUMEY!

        1. PC at | | Reply

          Agree! agree! agree!
          I miss Nandita das and her simple sarees. No drama!

    2. Rti at | | Reply

      Agree.. v v costumey

  6. am at | | Reply

    this makes her look so short compared to the other looks. something is off about the whole thing….not excited about it.

  7. Manasa at | | Reply

    Why the duppata ?? Looks so out of place for an otherwise good outfit.

  8. Fashionizta at | | Reply

    Without the middle parting n the hair styled differently this would have been a winning look

  9. Manasa at | | Reply

    And the same hair style for all the 3 looks so far.

  10. Supriya at | | Reply

    Regal?? Sorry but this is an absolutely fail for me… Its just not right for any body type with the super voluminous lehenga and the black covered-up blouse adding more bulk…
    Even the lovely colors and dupatta cant save this.

    She could have done much better had she gone with a different blouse with a bigger (and I dont mean plunging) neckline.. This is just messy …

  11. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks lovely but I don’t like the dupatta on the head, it somehow doesn’t work for me.

    1. just me at | | Reply

      Agreed, looks out of place. Does not flatter her appearance either. Still doesn’t detract from the effect of that maroon lehenga look though. Looking forward to the next look!

      1. kasthuri at | | Reply

        While the Dupatta on the head makes it look more regal, it looks costumey on Vidya. The lehenga in itself is amazing.

  12. ss at | | Reply

    Just when you think she is doing good, she trips the dupatta over her head killed it for me!

  13. crab at | | Reply

    She’s standing on the same ground as Christopher Waltz. swoooooon!!
    I don’t like the dupatta on the head thing. The rest is good.

    1. The Hellenist at | | Reply

      Christoph* Waltz

    2. nc at | | Reply

      i was about to write the same thing..wow!!THIS IS HUGE! wow!i love this man.

      1. fashionVictim at | | Reply

        well she is standing in the same ground as Steven Speilberg , Ang Lee and Nicole Kidman as well. She is the jury member .

  14. SS at | | Reply

    Oh vidya! Why why why?
    I guess this look is going to be a hit or a miss for most people. No middle ground here. It’s a miss for me.
    She sticks out like a sore thumb.

  15. RS at | | Reply

    She looks ethereal but as others pointed out, the dupatta on the head doesn’t work. Would work for a photo shoot but not in real life…

  16. Krina at | | Reply

    Why the ugly hairstyle in all 3 looks? hate how the Dupatta is draped. Colour combination of this lehenga is similar to the saree she wore earlier…. She needs a fashion intervention. Sabyasachi at his worst. Same prints, same colors, same design, same hair… Big Yawn.

  17. slc at | | Reply

    Dupatta on head is a typical Sabyasachi runway deal. Not feeling it here but my, my Vidya continues to looks gorgeous. I really like it.

  18. enne at | | Reply

    WTF is she covering her head for? she’s not at a temple, standing with her Saura, bro in law unless she and Christoph Waltz have some type of rishta I’m not aware of. Leave it to the indians to make a tamasha at a classy event. Gorg Lengha. the rest of the look had so much potential. total let down.

    1. FashionVictim at | | Reply

      That was unnecessarily harsh! You may like or dislike her sartorial choices but there’s no need to drag her family/in-laws into it!!
      Also, every year plenty of crazy fashion faux pas gets committed at Cannes by Hollywood and European stars – do a little research before making such a sweeping comment about Indians making tamasha!

      1. slc at | | Reply

        +1. At least Vidya has the “guts” to wear the dupatta in this fashion. Seasoned attendees of bollywood origin wouldn’t wear one even if you paid them to.

        1. enne at | | Reply

          why does it take guts to wear a dupatta like this? she’s an actress. wearing a dupatta, at Cannes is no different than showing all that cleavage for the dirty picture. she’s playing a role, and i happen to think it’s quite ridiculous. fashion wise and otherwise. I’m thankful they aren’t all doing it, even if they’re getting paid!

  19. Draupadi at | | Reply

    Absolute love and respect for Sabyasachi for putting this together. One needs courage to be traditional on a world platform and no one can deny that she looks so damn beautiful. This is what we call India shining

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1 I love that Vidya sticks to Indian wear even in an international platform. To me, thats being herself.

  20. The Hellenist at | | Reply

    At the end of the day after all the analysis and deconstruction of her intentions behind this have been put to rest…this look is just nonsensical..I won’t dignify it with a single adjective more than its worth…

    1. Anu at | | Reply


      1. Kiran at | | Reply

        +1 And what a shame to see this happening to such a gorgeous woman.

  21. cooltype at | | Reply

    She’s beautiful!

  22. aman at | | Reply

    I think the reason for the same hair is the 88% humidity in Cannes right now. If you have long hair, you know how difficult it is to manage in such extreme humidity. Plus these appearances were back to back. I doubt she had time to change hairstyles. Nonetheless – she looks so royal. Love love love it.

  23. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    She looks undoubtedly gorgeous, but the whole bridal vibe thanks to the dupatta on the head isn’t working. Still, it’s great that she’s showcasing Indian fashion abroad rather than turning up in ridiculous cookie-cutter gowns that would do nothing for her body type.

  24. karishma at | | Reply

    the ghunghat looks gimmicky.

  25. enne at | | Reply

    Aman, good point for us mere mortals. However, these ladies have professional stylists at their disposal that spend hours on their look. checking on another blog, there are plenty of other ladies wearing their hair down. although i HATE the chunni on her head, i think her hair style suits the heavy lengha and high neck, while showing off the necklace. not sure why i felt compelled to argue that point, but there you have it.

  26. Sweta at | | Reply

    Just saw her pic with Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee, Christoph Waltz, Steven Spielberg, etc. Vidya makes me so proud :) .. and she looks so damn good! Can’t believe she is the same sloppily dressed girl we were spotting in Mumbai for past some time.

  27. diptiN at | | Reply

    I love the outfit and jewelry, how I wish she had worn the dupatta the way it should have been worn and not on her head. She looks beautiful/different, but the dupatta on the head is very strange for this event.

  28. A at | | Reply

    I hate it! Why drape it over your head like a bride it just doesn’t make sense to me. But I’m not going to do what the media did to Aishwarya back in 2002 because the reason Vidya is there is much bigger than what she’s wearing. It’s always great to see an Indian on the jury.

  29. charan at | | Reply

    No, no, no Vidya! Don’t do this…

  30. fromchi-town at | | Reply

    Not digging the ghunghat too much. And the hairstyle is the same for her three appearances. And this is the same colors as the sari she wore. While she started off wth a great note, this look is a bit of a letdown. I hope she has some surprises for us in her closet… Watching her only in sabya for the whole festival is going to get boring.

  31. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks good.

  32. Lively at | | Reply

    She looks divine, almost to an extent that it gave me goose bumps. If anyone can pull off Indian and make it look fairytale like, its Vidya

  33. fisheyes at | | Reply

    she looks good. i dont mind the head wrap ..makes her stand out. the only thing is i feel the black blouse is too much of a contrast. wouldnt a dull gold [same as the border] with white sleeves, white duppata have worked better?

  34. Simmi at | | Reply

    It’s boring … Like ash :(
    She’s been giving similar look since day 1
    Need more excitement !
    Yawn !!!!!

  35. Amber at | | Reply

    Why that dupatta on the head? Her other 2 looks were fantastic . Cannes is the most prestigious film festival in the world but you don’t need to dress filmi

  36. NR at | | Reply

    The look doesn’t’ necessarily have to be a likable one or otherwise. This one sure is going to make head turn and make her stand out in the crowd. Followed by people asking – “Who is she?”..which I think works in her favor..Way to go with this brave appearance Mrs. Vidya :-)..I’ll give her points just for that!!

  37. zoey at | | Reply

    she looks great. she brings a certain dignity to the proceedings and by sticking to her signature style. now we can safely forget certain debacles of the past by other ‘international’ actors at the cannes red carpet. instead of nitpicking why not concentrate on beautiful she looks overall. i bet all eyes are on her over there….

    1. Sona at | | Reply

      I agree with you 100% Far better that she sticks to what she feels good in, rather than looking awkward and uncomfortable in a skimpy gown. She looks so great because you can tell she feels amazing. Go Vidya.

  38. Myla at | | Reply

    Costumey and pretentious.

  39. eclat at | | Reply

    Why is she playing dress-up like this, pretending to be some “Indian princess in Hollywood movie” type person? Ugh its disastrously costume-y- she’s on a jury, for Pete’s sake, not at a costume ball. Didn’t expect anything from her fashion-wise, anyway.

  40. sagar at | | Reply

    The best thing of Vidya is always her Poise and smile and nice to see her in the forefront! Unfortuantely the drape of the dupatta, the harsh hairstyle and makeup makes her look more matronly – felt like a few more deft touches would have elevated this look. hope she also works a softer feminine and vibrant colors for one of her looks.

  41. Ruby at | | Reply

    I respect Vidya Balan for single handedly bringing ethnic wear to the forefront in an age where other Bollywood starlets are trying so hard to follow every high street fashion fad or anything they see on a Hollywood star. HOWEVER…I appreciate that ethnic wear has been her individual style and it suits her there is fine line between authenticity and tacky. Wish she had changed something in that outfit to bring a sense of modernity to it. Draping of the chunni could have been done in a more classy way. Or perhaps she could have added a brocade jacket to the outfit instead of the chunni. Her hairstyle is too severe. She is a very talented actress however wish she had some style sense as well :)

  42. anita at | | Reply

    Yuck hate the dupatta – she looks like some vintage royalty. Atleast sonam reworked the sari and made it fashion forward. Vidya looks like she’s in costume. Hate the hair.

  43. that girl in pink at | | Reply

    No no no no no. Just no!

  44. radhika at | | Reply

    She looks like Shabana Azmi in Godmother. looks like costume !!!! aghhh…………………

  45. hasina at | | Reply

    seriously, she looks like she’s some president, not nice

    1. Liv at | | Reply

      hahahhaa!! so true, all her looks- except for that cream sari- are boring. and that ghunghat is so gimmicky.

  46. GG at | | Reply

    why do these actress end up dressing like they are walking the aisle to get married instead of the red carpet. Aishwarya also wore a gown that looked like christian wedding gown some years back and now this lady is dressed like a indian bride.
    anyway if she is comfortable with this dressing and happy with the way she looked then happy for her.

    1. A at | | Reply

      Except Aishwarya’s dress in 09 was gorgeous! Simple yet stunning.

  47. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    When I saw vidya’s pic I immediately thought of Kanishtha’s look and then read that it reminded you as well.. while Kanishtha look regal and ethereal.. Vidya doesn’t..

    Also, the same ol tight middle parted hair and lehenga look is killing it for me now.

  48. P at | | Reply

    Why is she covering her head.. Gives a wrong msg..with all the horrifying news that comes out of India rgding crimes against women..please

    1. Sona at | | Reply

      erm, I don’t quite understand… what does covering her head have to do with crime and rape? What message does it give?

      1. Alltheprettycolors at | | Reply

        I think she means that women cover their heads in cultures which oppress them. I tend to agree– it doesn’t really work as a fashion choice. She should know better.

  49. eemane at | | Reply

    I totally appreciate Mrs.Vidya Balan covering her head.She looks really modest

  50. eemane at | | Reply

    When a person does something good people should appreciate it.

  51. Raheema at | | Reply

    Yeah you’re right, but its just that she exposed her body and then covered her hair all of as sudden which is shocking everyone.

  52. Sona at | | Reply

    I think she looks fabulous… and have loved all her looks. She looks great in Sabyasachi and here she’s reflecting vintage royal india while everyone else does vintage America – yes it’s a bit “costume” but that’s fun right? So she sticks to one style, not everyone has to be iguana-like. She’s found what suits her, she feels good in that right now, and she carries herself with poise and confidence and come on guys, she looks beautiful! She’s a woman who lives her life for more than fashion, she’s not a fashionista like Sonam – who looks great in her own right! I think this year’s indian presence at Cannes has been better than any other year – at least not a manish -pukey- malhotra sari in sight.

  53. tanvi at | | Reply

    my mother is 50+ and even she does not look this old!

  54. Jaya at | | Reply

    What’s with the high neck blouses, full sleeves blouses and ultra-boring hairstyle in EVERY red carpet look of Vidya’s, in India and abroad…?? I think Vidya made a few fashion mistakes early on in her career, and is now too afraid to try anything different or to even look herself. Nothing in this looks speaks of the forthright, genuine person and actress that Bollywood movie fans know her as. Wish she was not so dependent on just one fashion designer and would take the risk to look natural, and not flaky like she does yet again with this look.

  55. Alltheprettycolors at | | Reply

    Dowdy lehnga–so poorly made with the visible seam down the side. Vidya wear a different designer once in a while. This guy is making you look drab!

  56. adya at | | Reply

    Just wanted to say that all publicity is good publicity if you are a celebrity and Vidya generated more comments than anyone else. Keeps her on top of the news cycle and that alone is a win. Coupled with the fact that post dirty picture she wants to reclaim her serious actress/good girl image, she has succeeded in her goals.

  57. Liv at | | Reply

    no doubt she is a good actor, but that ghunghat ensemble reminds me of a role Shabana Azmi played as a lady gangster in a some film long ago. It just doesn’t strike any right fashion chord.. now i am waiting to see what Aishwarya comes up with..

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