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You may all know that Vidya is part of the Cannes jury this year which means we will have sighting of her on the red carpet every day. Yippie!

Considering she will be wearing Sabyasachi throughout, there might be some apprehension that she may end up looking the same everyday but day one itself she proved us wrong.

For her arrival at the Hotel Martinez it was a red anarkali and just when I thought she looked great in it, she upped the ante in a simple white sari at the jury photocall a few hours later.

Will Vidya finally help erase the horrible memory of Aishwarya and her stint as a jury member circa 2003? It’s looking that way so far. :)

Her jewellery is by The House of Surana.


Vidya Balan at Cannes 2013 Jury Photocall


Vidya Balan at Cannes 2013 Jury Photocall


Vidya Balan at Cannes 2013 Hotel Martinez arrival

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. I wish she had skipped the necklace. But seriously, she’s looking so elegant! Love it!
    Although, Sonam and Vidya’s style is very different, nearly opposite, but Sonam’s got competition this time!

    • And there Sonam was happily giving tips for Vidya!!
      I think seeing hz elegant n regal Vidya looks Sonam surely needs to up her game plan

        • Why do we have to pit them against each other. I’m just happy to see so many Indian faces on a global platform like Cannes. Besides their style choices and sensibilities are so different. And both are making us proud. Vidya is playing safe but looking fabulous. Those beautiful sabyasachi designs are really working for her and kudos to Sonam for taking fashion risks at Cannes. I mean how many other Indian actresses would have the courage to do so. She stands out from the crowd and that’s what she is going for I think!

  2. The hair looks severe in the red lehenga; in the saree too, a little bit. Perhaps a braided bun would have been better? But she looks fabulous, particularly in the saree! Love, love, total love.

  3. My god – the woman DOES look stunning when she dresses right and makes an effort.
    She looks regal.
    PS: My only minor gripe is that its aging her, this is something I would expect a Shabana Azmi/Sridevi to wear. She still looks stunning though.

  4. Is that a cotton sari? Lovely! I just wish the make up was just a tad less grey. The red lehnga is perfect too. Good job Sabya!

  5. She looks amazing!!! The hair and make-up is perfect. I dislike the necklace with that saree think its unnecessary but still a minor gripe.

    • Yeah the necklace n the black sleeve ages her look but she still gives that classy elegant I know Im gorgeous attitude Vidya rocks

  6. Vidya mentioned Jayati Bose is styling her for Cannes. Loving it for now !! I hope she keeps surprising us till the end.

  7. The necklace could have been left out with the white saree to let those beautifulllll motifs on the blouse do the talking but nevertheless, she has really shocked me! Stunning and SO TRUE to her Indian values!

  8. Love the looks!! Love the lehenga on her, and how regal she looks in that colour. The white saree is perfect for the outdoor setting. I would have liked a bindi with the saree, but she still looks so well groomed. Please ID the jewellery as well. The jhumkas and the necklace are to die for.

    • Also, I am glad both Vidya and Nandita (who is on the jury for short films) are there for their body of work, and not just their looks. So it did not matter what they wore, but is an added bonus.

  9. I looked at the picture in the red lehenga and I thought oh ok, she looks really good. And then I saw her in the white saree and OMG does she look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Everything is perfect, and she is carrying it so gracefully unlike how she usually spoils her look by a sloppy drape.

    What magic…I don’t think even Sonam or Freida can do better than this one.

  10. Oh my my !!! She looks fab!! And the best part for once she has the fabric of her Saree right for her and the drape, which she sometimes gets all messy, is just Perfect!!!
    And she looks so elegant and gracious in that simple red lehenga !!!

  11. Drop-dead gorgeous! So classy. So magical. Just when I was losing interest in Sabyasachi because of repetitive outfits, he outshone himself. Not to forget Bollywood’s golden attagirl who has never looked so good for quite sometime.

  12. I like the red lehenga v elegant. The white sari is making her look older and the necklace is unnecessary. I wish she could’ve experimented with looks like she did for Marie Claire. Hire that stylist bored with sabya

  13. Wow, wow and wow. She looks so elegant. Her stylist has done a fabulous job. Kudos. I was a little worried with her drapery issues, but she has nailed it. Just love this look.

    • But she *isn’t* a maharani!!! Why is she pretending to be one? Cannes has enough fake Eurotrash royalty, without her wanting to join them lol

  14. Correct me if i am mistaken but why oh why does every one styled by sabyasachi end up looking the same !!!!
    A tight bun a small bindi and jhumkis!!!!! Like how many timesss !!!
    and whats up with the matronly politician look!!! D huh!!

  15. She looks great but I do wish she had gone for a softer updo with the saree and skipped the necklace. Apart from that, no complaints.

  16. Wow! She looks regal, strong and very professional all at the the same time. Brillant job Jayati Bose. The lehenga look has more panache and the necklace could have been avoided in the other. I sure am waiting for the next Vidya sighting at Cannes.

  17. the best thing about her is her gorgeous hair so it’s a shame she didn’t go in for a big blow out and have gorgeous tresses.

  18. Don’t really like the neckpiece with the sari… it looks a little plasticky atleast in the pictures…. Otherwise just love the look

  19. You tend to fall in love with an actor when they are so damn well turned out. This is the magic of Sabyasachi. Also so badly want that white sari, am sure he will get a million orders for that sari

  20. Ms. Balan does look good, but I wish she had changed up the hair-do.

    The white saree appears to be a modified Kerala ‘kasavu’ saree (the modification being the one inch border on the gold border).

  21. Off topic, but It’s really uncalled for to bring Aishwarya’s name into this. I always thought the Indian media unneccesarily made a big deal out of what Aishwarya was wearing. They completely missed the whole point of her being there. Instead of focusing on the fact that she was the first Indian jury they made a big deal out of what she wore. And they keep talking about after all these years. Every huge celebrity in the world has had fashion faux pas. Angelina Jolie is huge now, but she’s had her share of faux pas even more than Aishwarya’s.
    Anyway Vidya looks classy and royal.

  22. Love the maroon outfit and her clean look. I was secretly going “Thank God!”. I also love the kerala kusavu saree look, but that necklace has to go!

    • Ya, the saree does have that kerela saree look. I am not a big fan of the center parting especially when done so sleek on vidya. But she looks amazing !!!

  23. Love it… She looks like royalty in both the looks. I want her to chane it up though for the coming days.

  24. I think VB and Christoph Waltz are going to be BFFs (cue Waltz fangirls crying:)) There’s a back shot of the two and the blouse looks good! The sari is nice but what the hell was the dupatta draped on the head outfit. Still props on the whole – pretty much standard Vidya but in a good way.

  25. She look STUNNING! JAYATI BOSE and SABYASACHI you have created magic together. So elegant and graceful Vidya looks. I guess Jayati Bose is styling her for her next movie too. Vidya makes India proud with her elegant appearance and her body of work as a cannes jury member.

  26. More than anybody else’s looks, it’s *these* outfits which are looking forced and over-thought to me. It’s like a persona that’s she’s donned.
    Jury +Indian+ royal vintage theme= constipated, stiff outfits.

    • love your comment. Well articulated. Yes it is stiff and boring.
      That hairstyle has go to go. They couldn’t due an elegant french knot? if she looks this pretty in that horrible severe hairstyle imagine how great she would have looked in french knot with a better saree.I think Vidya needs to sit down and think hard about her personal style and not get taken over by the designer.
      She looked her best in Parineeta. Hairstyle , make up everything.she needs to go back to that and re evaluate what works and what does not.

  27. This woman is so gorgeous. Why are her outfits so lame? Did sabyasachi pay for her plane ticket so that she can’t wear anything else?

  28. love love love love love. Hats off. Just really thankful to see her in these and happy to have the world see her in these. She is perhaps intentionally going for the professional and serious, regal look (the hairstyle). The only eyesore was the head-cover look.


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