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  1. Preethi at | | Reply

    Vidya looks so elegant and beautiful here. May be she’s trying to give a very natural look with that hair style…I shall ignore and give her the credit

  2. koel at | | Reply

    Looks cute to me !
    BTW if my mom and MIL ever agree on any thing that would be Vidhya in this picture

    1- More than 90% of her skin is covered which will make my MIL happy.

    2.Light makeup and “oil in the hair” will make my mom happy.

    3.Clothes are not too tight – Will make both of them very happy .

    1. anita at | | Reply

      there’s no oil in the hair. I saw on anotherblog and she has a long loose braid

  3. Samira at | | Reply

    Nah.Doesn’t work for me!I remember I used to do this(leaving a lot of hair loose in the front while the rest were tied) with my hair as a teenager when I didn’t know any better. Seeing this on a celeb makes me go why??Why you??It’s a mess.

    The loose draping of the dupatta just adds to the messiness.

  4. Saya at | | Reply

    Return of the mummy err aunty! Agreed the suit is slightly better than her usual fare. But aunty should try getting rid of those rdiculous colored lenses she’s been sporting for a while along with these boring anarkalis.

  5. SK at | | Reply

    this 1 bit of hair slipping out ws a fashion way back in the 90s … back in the days of pooja bhatt! …
    she made it look gud… but on vidya…just looks messy …
    the bad messy… not good messy ….

  6. SK at | | Reply

    the anarkali looks like vidya raided morticia’s wardrobe … remember the all black lady from the adams family! ;)
    not working for me at all…

  7. Shuchi at | | Reply

    I don’t like this anarkali much. The kurta is too plain and bulky, it looks like a burqa.

    All said and done, she has a lovely face.

  8. Sugar at | | Reply

    A normal desi aunty who doesnt have access to all the moolah would wear much better clothes than these. Our ethnic clothes have so much to offer but she’ll keep picking up the same ole silhoutte. Beats me.

  9. beans at | | Reply

    love, love , love this look: the shoes, the black-and-gold anarkali, everything! who cares about the hair when she looks looks so fresh and fab..

  10. Rashmi at | | Reply

    She is looking great!

  11. Kiwi at | | Reply


    1. KS at | | Reply

      I think about time we cut the aunty behenji comments. Does she has a bad dressing sense ..Yes. most things dont look good on her …yes! but she anything but behenji ..at least she is not a wannabe(the very fact she sticks to what suits her earns her browny points) also she is very well read articulate intelligent women. Anything but behenji!

      The aunty behenji comments are going way out of hand! Comment on what is good/bad.

      1. Swapna at | | Reply

        agree with you KS.

      2. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

        VB epitomizes Indianness, she has the old world charm of hindi movies, and dresses according to her body type and comfort level. Does dressing in Indian clothes make you a Behenji? I feel sad for the folks who feel that way.

      3. anita at | | Reply

        i agree. she hardly looks like an aunty/behenji – she still looks young. and I don’t think her personality is behenji.

        And anyways, the long siloette is in right? Not sure what we would rather see her in..

      4. chandu at | | Reply

        so let me get this right….a women chooses a plain salwaar kameez instead of a high end, worth a moolah designer dud..in other words an Indian theme dress, and shez stereo typed a” behenji”..what is that word anyway..Its just a courtsey word. I agree with KS women like Vidya Balan and Michelle obama earn my respect coz their are examplary at showcasing the fact the most often than not elegance lies in simplicity.And thanks VB for choosing to wear these kinda clothes we have enough of thigh showing, boob hanging clothes already.

        1. chocolate martini at | | Reply

          @ chandu : oh right, so calling a salwar clad woman a behenji is a sin , but it is perfectly acceptable to criticize “thigh showing and boob hanging” as you so vulgarly put it? Talk about being hypocritical. I do not support calling a woman a behenji at all, but I am equally against criticizing women for not covering up.

          This is the 21st century after all, and the decency of the clothes that most celebritires wear on this blog would be considered non comment worthy in most countries.

          1. Varsha at |

            well said chocolate martini!

            “..plain salwaar kameez instead of a high end, worth a moolah designer dud”? She was wearing designer (Sabya) all the previous appearances. Duh!

    2. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      stop calling every salwar clad woman behenji! she wears what she is comfortable in. comment on the look and stop stereotyping! this is the reason that actresses who are not comfortable in western wear go crazy and all wannabe and end up looking like crap! just coz they will be called behenjis! kudos to vidya for sticking to her comfort zone and trying her best with it.

    3. akaa at | | Reply

      Ya .. agree with all above here .. what is it with the ‘behenji’ comments anyways ??
      She looks great here .. fresh and all , though the hair could have been better .. but nowhere does she look like a behenji /aunty .. What is that thing??

      Its sad that people feel that dressing in indian clothes = behenji / aunty..
      That’s precisely why most of the bolly celebs end up looking not so well-dressed .. they dress western for fear of being stereotyped ‘aunty / behenji’ but are not comfortable in what they have worn,…
      This mentality has to go!!

      1. chocolate martini at | | Reply

        Has it ever occured to you that celebs might dress the way they do, because they want to?

        If they really wanted to earn the approval of the masses, trust me, they would stick to Indian clothes: just look at this site for evidence: everytime a woman is dressed in nice traditional traditional clothes (ex: sridevi or the recent perizaad appearance) everybody starts gushing about how wonderful and refreshing it is.

        On the other hand everytime a celeb wears mid-thigh dresses (of the sort that most normal, middle class people in a lot of other countries wear to parties and clubs), there are tons of negative comments (ex: the recent priyanka/ rani mini dress or how every malaika arora post has negative comments about how she always wears minis even though she has been feautred on this site in saris and gowns and plus she usually ROCKS the fierce mini look)

        Don’t get me wrong I hate the behenji comments as well and I do love traditional clothes.

        But I also like western clothes and I find it silly and juvenlie that so many people on this site just cannot accept that some celebritries prefer western clothes over Indian. Why is it that they have to be wannabe or insecure about what people will think just because they wear western clothes? THIS mentality has to go as well!!!!

  12. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    I love her shoes! They give the anarkali a very formal look! Wish she had tied her hair! Still she looks good.

  13. precious at | | Reply

    i told you..she does it on purpose. look at the space she has claimed on this blog and elsewhere with her alleged bloopers!

  14. Natasha at | | Reply

    Looks fabulous and not like a Bollywood Barbie. Good for her!

  15. Monkey at | | Reply

    She looks good. Her footwear has improved.

  16. anamika at | | Reply

    all she needs to do is tone her body and western clothes as well as sleeker indian stuff will start looking good on her. no pain no gain.

    1. SK at | | Reply

      i actually think her natural body is great… there are too many shilpa shetty type victoria beckham clones running around anyway…kareena even came out and said she wants the best body in the business and in her opinion its vic beckham!!!!
      tho not a fan of the outfit or her general dressing sense… i have to say that she has a very fresh faced natural healthy beauty. i wud love to see more of such wholesome looking celebs … as long as they improve their actual dressing sense! ;)

      1. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

        Her body is FINE. It’s the others who look malnourished. No idea why looking good has to be connected to a size zero figure? A size 2 and 4 and 6 work well in specific outfits, too. It’s important to dress as per body type which is what she does, and always looks graceful.

    2. anita at | | Reply

      she is toned.

  17. peechu at | | Reply

    god, you guys are ALWAYS picking on her for something or the other..this is definitely an upgrade from all her other appearances (though she looked lovely at the Paa premiere). I’m no Vidya fan..but with the shoes and the simple elegant face, I think she looks great here for a change!

  18. abc at | | Reply

    She looks lovely in clothes she is comfy in. Kudos to that!

  19. JP at | | Reply

    she doesnt know wat to wear…but such a lovely face!

  20. binerry at | | Reply

    Is sheer sleeves the in thing now?

    1. purple at | | Reply

      Seems to be… a lot of people have been wearing long, sheer sleeves since end of Diwali.

  21. emer at | | Reply

    I find this outfit very blah!
    I don’t think one needs to don shiny or loud clothes to look good and I do appreciate understated elegance but this look does not do it for me at all.

  22. Leena at | | Reply

    2 things which work – the makeup and the shoes. Otherwise the look is so blah. Dupatta needs to be draped better.

    Agreed she sticks to what suits her but come on, there are other options besides anarkali suits for the pear shaped folks

  23. ananya_s at | | Reply

    luv, luv, luv her here..fr d frst time i truly feel she 2 can b called beautiful..

  24. SS at | | Reply

    I like her! Acchi toh lag rahi hai…she is just such a pretty woman..and surprise is even with a totally ethnic salwar suit..she looks young and fresh not old and beyond her age….

  25. Mim at | | Reply

    She looks pretty nice and simple. Maybe she doesn’t really care about experimentation. I like that’s she real, and seems like a normal woman not carried away by the glitz and glam of being in films.

  26. chocolate martini at | | Reply

    On one hand I am thinking – dowdy!: the hair, the dupatta, the horrible sheer sleeves
    *shudder* Vidya you are a beautfiul, intelligent woman, WHY do you do this?

    But on the other hand, I read an interview with her where she said she’s decided to go against the Bollywood stereotype of being a sexually objectified bimbette and just be comfortable in her own skin . ” I am an intelligent woman, not a babe” or something like that. Just for that, I think I am going to forgive this!!!

  27. SxD at | | Reply

    She looks good. No complaints against her hair – shez a simple dresser unlike the other heavily madeup actresses. The dress is good too – the messy drape of dupatta in the last 2 pics is not intentional – she must’ve not adjusted her dupatta & left it casually to pose for those pics, thatz all. I love her simplicity. Shez got a face to carry it off without makeup too, so why bother? You GO girl.

  28. S at | | Reply

    Though the anarkali is bad, it’s not atrocious enough to take away from the character and drama her face has. She is no fashionista nor she claims to be one so as long as she looks presentable and more, I won’t pick on her.

  29. gauri at | | Reply

    She’s so pretty!! She looks lovely in this outfit.

  30. sri at | | Reply

    understand her clothes, simplicity and style..but she doesnt need to look like she came out of the house in a jiffy! look presentable and be aware ure being photographed for being a celebrity

  31. RT at | | Reply

    She looks very dull.. Too much of Black.. at least she should have accessorized it with some more gold.. The hair and dupatta is not helping either..

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