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  1. pri at | | Reply

    i just find it absolutely hilarious how the west is learning to appreciate the indian culture. ie becoming more open to it, mcqueen, hermes, galliano, gucci etc taking inspiration from india for their collections.. and how our own country has to an extent lost its culture. look at the recent breast cancer event wher sonam kapoor ad liz hurley both attended, one showed up in a saree and one in a gown(and we all know who showed in what)!! our indian actresses have lost the plot somewher… i miss the indian culture which may not have dissapeared completely from our actresses but definately has atleast 80%! this cover 2 me should be a msg to the youth and actresses of india

  2. pri at | | Reply

    oh and ps i think vb looks gorgeous in the rabani and rakha. the others are alright! the outfits are all beautiful though

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the McQueen :)
    and Posh-love her

  4. divi at | | Reply

    Love her in everything.The head jewellery is lovely. Tarun Tahiliani and JJ’ s outfits look best on her. Rabani and Rakha is lovely but dosent look Indian in the Photo above. I can mistake that one for a regular western dress.

  5. Karishma at | | Reply

    The pictures look washed out don’t they? And were those dust/flash halos deliberate?

    Also since we appreciate westerners donning Indian outfits so much shouldn’t we extend the graciousness to our own people if they were to do otherwise? Coz if the Britishers were to object to Hurley in a Saree wouldn’t the label read fascist? Afterall sarees are not a part of her culture!

    The point being that Indian culture surely wouldn’t die the death as predicted since there is atleast 50% of our population still wrapped up in a saree or other traditional garb (and 80% of Indian population does live in the villages)

    One last thing : why aren’t men responsible for upholding our “values” and “culture”? How many men strut around in sherwanis or kurtas besides in a wedding or maybe on festivals? And in their case its not even limited to just the rich folks, its every damn person on the street.

    Thanks for reading if you did, didn’t want to tread on any toes but it just seemed unfair.

    **** End of rant**** :P

  6. shweta at | | Reply

    I agree pri…and yup she looks gorgeous:)

  7. poronita at | | Reply

    completely agree with pri..:)

  8. Tina at | | Reply

    she looks like a scary 12yr old! dont like the pics or clothes at alll!!

  9. U at | | Reply

    They’ve made her too beige.. the only pic I like is the red sari because of the colour.. otherwise not too great..

  10. neha at | | Reply

    Somehow, I feel that only Indian women look good in sarees. Just my opinion.

  11. annie at | | Reply

    I agree with Tina. She looks like an actress from a B-grade Scary movie..english, not hindi.
    I have a really hard time understanding what people like/love in her.

  12. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Goodness, I absolutely hate that this woman is featured in Indian clothing. She is the absolute antithesis to Indian beauty and charisma. I hate that she takes herself so damn seriously that I am not even sure what she looks like smiling, or even smirking! The clothes would have looked a lot better on an Indian woman with that appeal only an Indian woman can exude. I feel like people can be such mindless drones …just b/c this woman says she’s great or acts like it..dosen’t mean that she is. What does she do — wear all these crazy outfits and pass it off as fashion? Come on people, let’s wake up to the B.S. that is V.B!

  13. hmm at | | Reply

    I kinda have to agree with Not A Sheep and Neha.. totally not a fan of Posh. She’s just set a horrible example to scores of impressionable young kids with her skinny and extravagant ways.. plus she totally doesn’t fill out a sari the way we chicas can.. so not digging this look. I don’t have a problem with Western women wearing Indian clothes at all but I think Vogue India could have featured an unconventional Indian face for their bridal issue, who would have done more justice to the clothes and actually looked like a bride. Posh just looks like she’s playing dress up?! But I guess they wanted to try something different.

  14. jasmine at | | Reply

    I totally agree with pri! Fab that you voiced your opinion! I would have written the same thing! Our women/men have lost the culture somewher down the line! And yes villagers as well just by the way! Today I go out to buy fruit/veggies from the market the fruit vendors reply back to me in english! Even if I speak in hindi to them.

  15. MP at | | Reply

    The photos look washed out and like Not A Sheep said, she and Liz Hurley are the absolute opposites of what an Indian woman would be….VB is better off smirking in her weird “western” outfits…
    Also agree with Karishma, I would hardly expect Indian women to wear nothing but saris in an effort to “save our culture”…

  16. Protyasha at | | Reply

    My oh my. I want this issue. I never realised Rabani and rakha could look THIS good…and i loooove the AJ-SK one…on VB..so much for the wonders of photography, no?

  17. Protyasha at | | Reply

    @ not a sheep, I personally am glad boundaries are blurring. I’m tired of seeing hollywood in their same old- same old and i’m tired of bollywood in our same old- same old.

  18. Protyasha at | | Reply

    plus, i love this woman for playing around so much with the way she looks….and sorry for the incessant commenting..:P

  19. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I totally agree with Karishma

  20. styleslave at | | Reply

    its a horrible cover… she looks pale and scary very geisha gone wrong look… why couldn’t they have put a sonam kapoor or a deepika padukone in these bridal clothes..this one is a n utter washout Ugh!

  21. xoxo at | | Reply

    i completely adore this lady.. she always does it the best

  22. Quirky Miss at | | Reply

    People who dont like VB must be fat and ugly. VB is hot and sexy.

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