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  1. jo at | | Reply

    i was expecting to see some form of tribute on your site to the victim of the horrible tragedy that has rocked the nation. No doubt you share the sentiment and grief but given your target audience is women and your reach is massive, a mention would have befitting.

  2. SLC at | | Reply

    I feel a little mean to say this about a bride, but she could have chosen a much better outfit. She has beautiful mehendi, a mangalsutra, that stunning bracelet (drooool) why stop there? I can almost imagine her in a short, gold salwaar….maybe some red.

  3. minx at | | Reply

    What does that tattoo say?

    1. suhani at | | Reply

      ‘Sofiya Raman’ written in gujrati thats what i can read :D

    2. KJ at | | Reply

      It says “Sofia Raman” in Gujarati.

  4. minx at | | Reply

    I wish the couple and the guests had gone desi for the reception. This just looks like another run of the mill party.

  5. Lavanya at | | Reply

    I think you highlighted with red the wrong sentence fragment. I clicked on it to see something on the wedding or celebration but what turned out was mehr. So maybe u should highlight – remember ‘ and not “our bet wishes to the couple”

  6. enne at | | Reply

    wow. not a celebrity look i can say anything good about.

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