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  1. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I love it!
    she looks very…her :) she has a unique style quotient and she looks FAB

  2. chuck bass is hot at | | Reply

    i dont like the gold shirt. i agree white or black would have looks soooooo much better.

  3. Ranjani at | | Reply

    I heart the necklace! but you’re right I think a plain black top would have made it stand it more.

  4. Tanika at | | Reply

    LOVE IT!
    It works for her! And sometimes it is ok to match, as long as its done correctly! A bit much of gold but one her skin tone it looks A okay!

  5. Tanika at | | Reply


  6. xx at | | Reply

    she looks AMAZING!!! i love that necklace and it looks much better on the yellow (gold?) top! true fashionista

  7. Tanika at | | Reply

    I think her necklace covers up well for where it would’ve been see thru and a no no! But I don’t see much of the transparency.

  8. Sunshine at | | Reply

    And Akki co-ordinated his shoes with Twinkle’s shirt.

  9. amandaaaaahhh at | | Reply

    is it just me or those shoes make her feet look so wide and stubby? lol

    i love her look!! i think she heard many of us who were complaining about her untamed hair lol.

    however i do not like that green thing on top of the brown shirt in the second pic..

    her face looks nice and fresh.. she looks like a shy teenager LOL

  10. Roadside Romeo at | | Reply


    Is that a birkin she is sporting in the first event?

  11. ChaltaPhirta at | | Reply

    how tall is she?

  12. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    this lady knows how to rOCk it!

  13. Shweta at | | Reply

    wow…she has real style…I love it:D:D

  14. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i would categorize the gold ensemble as a match much, with the necklace taking the place of an exclamation mark. the shirt tucked in, plus birkin makes this look somewhat preppy, and the necklace doesn’t fit anywhere there.

    her bottom outfit has come out quite nicely though.

  15. Archana at | | Reply

    the neck piece is nice but why oh why did she have to tuck in her blouse and that gold belt! and what is that thing over the camisole…very wthey for me!!

  16. dn at | | Reply

    She looks fab despite some mistakes (gold this and gold that). Love the necklace!!

  17. Ngm82 at | | Reply

    I love it! that necklace is awesome.. love it with the gold shirt! actually i like it with both the outfits! i would def wear something like this!!

  18. FARAH at | | Reply

    i love her more casual look in the araish event. so Eye catching…

  19. zara at | | Reply

    Aww, yay! She found a brush!
    Jokes aside, this totally confirms that Western wear is her forte. I’m not a fan of ginormous necklaces (and hers looks like it was bought at a stall on the side of road in the middle of Arizona), but I do like that she mixes interesting pieces with her classic style choices.
    She has gorgeous skin, by the way.

  20. sb at | | Reply

    the necklace looks like its ethnic, leaning more towards the African tribes of East Africa…. they sell stuff like that on the roadside and souvenir shops…. all hand made with beads, shells and strings of leather

  21. Megha at | | Reply

    this woman knows how to BRING IT!!!

    just dont like that green thingee like everyone else

    but that necklace is AWESOME

  22. monika at | | Reply

    Love it :)

  23. Vishakha at | | Reply

    she has a great individualistic sense of style..doesnt always hit bulls eye but somehow works for her

  24. SMM at | | Reply

    I like the second look. I’m wondering how she looks so fab now and she used to look sooooo bad during her stint in the movies

  25. annie at | | Reply

    Agree with SMM. I think as she has grown older she has becomer wiser as well. Although I can’t say the same about her sister!! She looks great..but I feel her face changed somewhat..in a good way..not sure if it is because of age or cosmetic stuff. I think the bag should have been lighter colored..and the belt is just not right. And the watch has to go. Overall, she looks great.

  26. anisha at | | Reply


  27. Missy Mochi at | | Reply

    Too much gold!

  28. manisha at | | Reply

    LOVE IT!!!! i think she rocks both looks… this woman changes it up and pulls off everything like no other!

  29. Aparna at | | Reply

    this woman has a impecable taste when it comes to stuff!! I love her! she pulls things off really well. May be our deepika could take some tips from her.

  30. anokhi at | | Reply

    twinkle looks amazing. she’s developed an individual and interesting sense of style.

  31. Vishakha at | | Reply

    ooh just noticed..whats with Akshay’s bright yellow shoes!!

  32. Namrata at | | Reply

    I agree the gold shirt with gold accessories is a bit toooo much. She looks lovely in the casual outfit though. Her necklace is from Amrapali. She aint very tall around 5.4 …. she has a sense of style which shows in her clothes and her interiors

  33. Clueless at | | Reply

    If you think Twinkle’s necklace is a statement piece what do you have to say about AK’s shoes that are peeking out of pic 3!!

  34. mia at | | Reply

    twinkle looks va va voom even in jeans. she was with kylie minogue when she was wearing the gold shirt and kylie was really eclipsed by twinkle’s gorgeousness.

  35. Aye at | | Reply

    The belt could go…but I LOVE the look!! The fact that her outfit matched Akshay’s shoes hehe yea those shoes gotta go!

  36. me at | | Reply

    she is amusing

  37. malini at | | Reply

    tina looks gorgeous.. i see nothing wrong with the outfit..and loved how akki matched his shoes with her:)

  38. k= at | | Reply

    this beats everything she has worn so far! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the necklace! love her style!

  39. pitu at | | Reply

    Absolutely love it. She is such a late bloomer like Karisma Kapoor. Both looked atrocious when they debuted but eventually looked gorgeous.

  40. k.l. at | | Reply

    sorry to sound like a newbee, i would really like to know what cut are those jeans? thanks.

  41. KK at | | Reply

    That’s one hot mama!!! I agree with her being a late bloomer like Karishma! How gorgeous does she look?!?!?! I love that necklace and even though that brown top is see-through, it looks GREAT!!!

  42. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    @k.l those look like straight,slim-fit jeans to me.

    Love the necklace, she’s a really super dresser!

  43. Sangeetha at | | Reply

    She looks fab in both:)

  44. ambreen at | | Reply

    she has started looking fab since she’s lost weight. really kewl

  45. me at | | Reply

    her jeans fits her to the T and with all the accessaries she still looks fashionable and nice, not many people can pull it all together like she does

  46. xoxo at | | Reply

    i like it but prefer the look in bottom pic..she looks pretty

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