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Timmy and Isha had their wedding and the reception on the same day. For the wedding event, Isha wore a red sari and instead of going for something drastic for the reception, stuck to a straightforward pink lehenga by Neeta Lulla. Congratulations to the couple.

P.S. If Timmy’s jacket didn’t have a pink piping, I might have just convinced myself that he added the sleeves back on to his sangeet jacket. :P


Timmy Narang and Isha Koppikar at their Wedding Reception


Timmy Narang and Isha Koppikar after their Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This guy has the worst dressing sense and the most beautiful wife in the world. What’s his obsession with woman’s clothes and jewelery ? First it was pink pants with pink satin belt then sleeveless blouse , then pink piping and finally the pearl necklace ….

    I have never seen a pearl necklace on a guy before …

    • raj kundra wore a ruby necklace at his wedding to shilpa shetty and abhishek wore a huge emerald necklace when he got married to aishwarya. in olden days guys used to wear stuff like that and even use jewels as buttons! i think they should leave all that for us women.

    • LOL !! but wait, what if you are on the sets of Mugal e azam !! heeheee

      Isha looks so beautiful, radiant and happy in her simple red wedding sari !!
      she looks a bit tired in the reception picture… maybe because it was on the same day… reminds me of my marathon 3 day marriage ceremonies !!

      congratulations to the couple !!

      ps: I brought a peach colored shirt from India for my hubby and he doesn’t want to go near it. He says its just a different shade of pink !! Sigh …..

      • But timmy doesnt seem to be a rajput or marwari.Issha is wearing red choora (only punjabis wear that) so timmy must be punjabi or she is wearing choora -just for ‘fashion’. but people do rare on wedding.
        Also its okay …to wear pearls /such things on wedding to become little traditional.Leave the guy alone.
        What is the problem in lending guys 1 necklac.e

  2. Sorry about all Caps in my name before … Forgot that the caps lock was On !

    Also, forgot to mention his pink kurta in my list before…

    • Oh and his tight pants. Seriously, what’s with this guy?
      Isha, on the other hand, is gorgeous. It’s strange how some actresses become ‘international’ stars solely on the strength of their faces and other equally stunning-looking women fade into incongruity.

      • agree with you mojitolover.
        isha is really stunning but i think it has to do with how badly one wants success and what you are willing to do and of course destiny. ms.pinto is the best example. your average girl next door is an overnight sensation.

  3. Not the very impressive of outfits but Isha looked absolutely fresh and glowy on all the occasions just as a bride should …not a ounce of tiredness…loved her makeup :) wish I could look that fresh and dewy on my big day too ;)

  4. Awww……She is looking so lovely in the pink lehenga.

    For her wedding too she is looking radiant. That’s a red chunni I think & a purple saree, not a red one.

    • Oh yea.. you are right. It is a purple sari.
      I love how gorgeous Isha and Timmy look. I’m glad she picked a traditional outfit for her reception, unlike Shilpa Shetty! Isha looks like a bride – a gorgeous one too!

      Do you girls think Timmy is good looking?! I think he is totally handsome. :D

  5. so beautiful and radiant…and every indian bride should look like..lurve the pink!! a well matched couple!..Congratulations to the both of them…

  6. ok, it seems horrible to nitpick at someone’s wedding ensemble but since this is a fashion blog ………….

    the red lehenga is horrible ….. it looks straight out of the sets of “balika vadhu” …. the saree with the red chunni on the head, the jewellery , it all looks so …. so rural …

    and the pink one could have been picked at any meena bazaar/ctc plaza etc etc i.e out of any shop selling lehengas … hardly looks something that a well known designer has custom designed …..

    *sigh* ….. all that money and all those designer friends yet this is what we get … first shilpa and now isha …. what a waste

  7. while I agree that his pink ribbon pants were a no-no… I am in love with his attire at his wedding.. green kurta with huge pearl necklace makes him look like royalty!

  8. The usual wedding attire for Isha but man, she’s one gorgeous woman. lovely smile. A+ on makeup.Yeah like someone else mentioned, the sari seems to be a deep pink/purple shade.

  9. Isha is one PRETTY, PRETTY & PRETTY bride , never noticed her beauty untill now, she look so natural , radiant and beautiful ( esp esp in red) devoid of any fakeness which is a norm in bollywood, and groom does look good in green

  10. OK…Congrats to Timmy and Isha on their wedding. But these are the only compliments that they will get from me. Their wedding attire has been tacky to say the least, especially Timmy’s. From the plaid trousers to the pink kurta to the sleeveless jacket to the black sherwani with pink lining (really!!), the whole ensemble screams What- were- you- thinking! And wearing weird clothes to justify stupid themes (barbie at disco whatever) is not done. Why not do a theme like desi goes designer or Indian on 7th ave, NY or something- Its your wedding day- look good. I think P&P have been kinda soft on them because of their wedding but hey guys, this is a fashion blog.
    PS: Just so people dont hate me, congrats to the couple again and Isha does look radiant and Timmy kinda (just kinda) looks nice in the green kurta.

  11. isha looks pretty n makes a beautiful bride…her outfit is stunning and much better than the (trying-to-expose- c- my- figure) bridal outfit that Shilpa shetty wore recently…expected much more than that from shilpa but in any case ..isha wins!

  12. isha was looking gorgeous on all her main events especially at the reception, unlike a certain ms. Shetty who was lookind very chheap because of the very filmy dress she was wearing at her reception !

  13. I like that apart from the ostentatious pearl necklace, he didnt wear the really tacky bling that bollywood grooms are wearing nowadays… abhishek bachhan, Raj kundra. Like the green kurta, pajama look.. thankfully no foppish dupatta.

    What is that gold thing growing out of Isha Koppikar’s head? And why didnt she wear anything indicating her own culture? Her make up is great and the clothes are safe.

    She looks pretty good so safe and conventional is sometimes a very good thing.

  14. I absolutely love her look on her wedding day!!!! Gorgeous =)!!! Now if someone could tell me where she got the “matha patti?” or “headpiece” my life would be complete!!!!!

  15. wow…she looks stunning. im glad she didnt go the shilpa way for the reception. absolutely beautiful! the hair, the outfit, the makeup..Love everything.

  16. I think the both look great.Its such a relief to see the such simple wedding clothes.Like someone above said,Isha looks amazing,just like any bride should do.I think Timmy can carry off any kind of clothes because of his physique.The green simple kurta is awesome on him,and the pearl necklace might look cheesy on someone,but looks so fantastic on him.Isha looks awesome in both the costumes

  17. I have to admire Isha in all her wedding functions for simply being modest and classy! Her choice of outfits for my taste were a bit bland considering living in India there are tons of choices. I’m glad to see though that all taste and ‘sharam’ is not lost in the world, and this is a clear example! She looks beautiful and wedding appropriate. Her hubby though needs… help in the clothing department!!!

  18. That’s such a HUGE relief for the eye sores created by Shilpa shetty’s “Khichdi” Reception outfit – God knows if it was Indian -western or whatever! She looks like a girl next door,,, With whom we can at least relate to- Like our wedding day’s outfit!! :)

  19. I know indian bridal outfits are all about color and bling, but I really wish some of these indian brides would take a clue from western weddings- and tone it down just a tad- I personally think Western brides look the best when they are simple and fresh looking.
    Isha looks like a mess! wayyy too much going on!

    • um. This is NOT a western wedding!!! Indians LOVE color, and the whole idea of ‘bling’ is SUCH a western concept, in India the more ornamentation, the better.

      If you want to judge fashion through western standards alone, why visit an Indian fashion blog? This is traditional Indian asthetic. Its a completely subjective thing and it’s not comparable

      I’m sorry if I sound rude, but it just seems kind of silly. If you criticized an Indian woman for wearing a very bright dress / suit with gold jewellery I would understand.

      But this is a WEDDING. It’s a traditional occasion, a tradition in itself. It’s not a time to mimic western trends and wear something totally occasion inappropriate.

      Again, sorry if I sounded rude, no offense meant.

  20. yeah … it looks like a purple silk saree with a red chunni on her head.
    she looks lovely… such a traditional bride.
    this kind of stuff may not be unique but it never really goes out of style.

  21. Isha looks beautiful. Everyone thinks that Isha is maharashtrian but she is Mangalorean just like shilpa & Aishwarya. I was hoping to see her in traditional kanjeevaram saree for the wedding.

  22. something wrong with length of her lehengas – 2 inches too short.. making the whole outfit look less elegant But CONGRATS to the happy couple

  23. BTW, abhishek bachchan and raj kundra were obviously trying to ape how rajput royalty dresses at their weddings…which is what all the designers like jj vallaya, rohit bal and tarun tahiliani try to ape on their runways…and how the real royals like my hubby dressed for our wedding :-) so it’s really a cultuiral thing rather than just trying to go all bling for fashion…

  24. Isha makes a stunning bride. She is konkani.
    konkani and south-maharashtrian weddings are very similar as they share many cultural similarities.

  25. Yes, Mangalorean Konkanis (like me) are more similar to Maharashtrians in language and wedding dress than they are to Bunts like Ash and Shilpa. However, this isn’t our traditional dress. In addition to Marathi-style “bhasing” on the forehead and a 9-yard, Konkani brides have to wear this horrible thing over the sari that looks like a straitjacket and I’m so relieved to see Isha didn’t. She looks gorgeous.

  26. her lehnga was too much for my taste, but i love the cut work on her lehnga. And the couple’s color combination in the second pic is lovely. Hate that teeka-thing on her front, tho. It’s hideous!


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