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  1. Sue at | | Reply

    Hey guys, I just sent you an email about buying a bag, it would be great if you can take a look at it. thank you! (sorry to be OT)

  2. Priyanka D at | | Reply

    The Sabyasachi looks great.
    P&P- just say a pic of Yash and Avanti Birla in the newspaper today. Wondered how it is that they haven’t appeared on your site, coz they sure make their presence felt.

  3. Anonymous at | | Reply

    It seems that Sabina Chopra is wearing kurta w’o chudidaar lol….
    I love Sabayasachi’s creations…that dress would have looked a lot lot better with a matching chudidaar and a dupatta

  4. anna singh at | | Reply

    i am wearing a elie saab and not peacock thanks u ,please clear facts

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