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    I think the photo angle makes it look average.. otherwise, this is something that could totally work on her.
    Like the saree and blouse (except for the sleeve cutting – a bit sports-bra-ish)

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    There’s something every interesting about Swati. they way she carries her looks off. I think she’s quite a trendsetter. I really like how she wears both looks.
    although i do think she could’ve minus-ed the number of bangles (?) in the first look. and the way she wore the bag in the second look. I like the shoes in the second look as well. Thumbs up to her!

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    She knows that red suits her :) and it does work so well, on her… the saree look – LOVE… The patiala – need to give her for a totally different attempt

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    The patiala look for Stardust awards would have totally worked if she carried a small clutch instead of that horrendous cross-body bag! Seriously unforgivable offense!

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    Ok, so I would absolutely never wear the patiala suit, and it was definitely not appropriate for the occasion. BUT props to her for being incredibly gutsy. I think had she styled it differently, it could have looked edgy and directional.

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    what the what..!!!!

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    What is she wearing on her wrist with the saree? Looks ugly….like a velvet cloth…..Besides that & the funnily cut blouse……I quite like the saree look.

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