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    Drooool *_* I’ll take him in all 6 looks please. The 1st, 2nd and 4th outfits especially make me wanna do some questionable things to him ;)

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      Ha ha ha. Somehow he don’t appeal to me. Not my type at all. :P

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          Hahah I can see why he wouldn’t be a lot of ppl’s type but I’ve always been attracted to the skinny well dressed types. I’ve watched some of his interviews and he’s really charismatic/gentleman-like. That only adds to his appeal :)

          1. Adara at |

            Haha. I thought so. I don’t like the short ones who get all beefed up nor the overly skinny ones. Tall and not too skinny is my type. :P

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    oh god my ovaries

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    He looks suave in all the outfits and has the personality and right attitude … All the looks can’t pick one he is fab !!

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    Love the fourth one. Very ‘young Italian’ kind of look.

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    Haut!!! it’s should be criminal to look this good! I will take him in all 6 looks please.

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    Droool !!!!! Casual or Formal.. does it matter… he looks good all ways :)

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    Drool … :) Love all the looks !

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    blah…good work by his PR team trying to sell his appeal bt seriously i would not even notice him if he walked passed me…

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      These days neither would I (about the passing by unnoticed comment) but if you check out his drama Zindagi Gulzar Hai playing on Zee Zindagi he looks very handsome. Plus his acting and mannerisms just add to the appeal.

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    Mine. Mine. Mine!!!

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    He looks like Angad Bedi in some of the pics.

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    Delish…!!! I want to eat him up….; D

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    Love all the looks . He is very well put together.Some serious competition to Saif.Although I don’t drool over him.he isn’t that hot.umm just okay!

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    He has got to be one of the best dressed celebrities! he is just way too handsome!

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    he is so breathtakingly handsome!! I am literally going insane thinking on and on about him. btw…he looks hot in all the pics!!

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    Meh. Great work by his PR team and stylist but nothing special here! Bit scrawny. He looks like literally every other guy on the streets of London these days!

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      :'( I feel its unfair to compare the fashion scene in U.K. and India, esp when it comes to Men’s Fashion. For the lesser mortals like us, who don’t get to see the well dressed men from London in our daily lives, Fawad Khan will suffice for now.

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      True that.

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    Love him in all. droooool

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    Cant drool enough! Hotness personified in all the pics. A lot of women will share Sree’s sentiments about him :-)

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    m confused! never saw varun dhawan (<3), siddharth, tiger on anyother newcomers promoting movies on these pages. why this extra effort for this dude? except for IIFA, never saw male actors being covered here.

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    I wasn’t impressed at first. Then I watched a couple of his soap operas…and now He is an addiction. Fantastic smile. As for his fashion sense, love all of his looks. So what if he is not not all ‘hulked’ up…he’s a cutie!

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    i have watched almost all of his interviews and seen almost all of his shows (i could pass as his stalker :p) . He is that infallible combination of good looks, incessant suavity and genuine humility. How can one not love him…How? how? how?
    I’l take him in all 6 looks in a heartbeat <3

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    That awkward moment when Sonams post gets 10 comments and Fawads gets more than double! :D

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    Hubba Hubba Hubba, Our desi Christian Grey..All the outfits looks amazing ( though nothing will also do ;))

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    “How dare you! Tumhe koi haqq nahi ki tum itne handsome dikho!” – to quote Poo from K3G! Fawad looks dashing in all of them!

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    Mr Fawaad droolicious Khan…. His charisma n charm has more to do with his personality than just his dressing sense…having said that He undoubtedly is the best dressed male celebrity in BW these days!!!

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    Love him in all looks casual or formal..this guy is charmer in every look.

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    Hmmm. I cant make up my mind about him. he looks nice in the ones he is smiling. In others he looks like he is sucking on lemon drops. Not that he is not a good looking man. He is. But the clothes look too gimmicky on him. Do not tell us anything about his personal style and some of them (pic 5, I am looking at you), at the risk of sounding ageist, seem too young for him. Unless he is going for the Joe Jonas look. Look 1 and 4 too wannabe hipsterish. perhaps if i catch his shows and see him in motion I can warm up to him

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    He reminds me of those K-POP guys. Skinny and well dressed. Love it ! I don’t know how much of a hand he has in his looks, but who ever is dressing him (and undressing LOL) is doing a fab job !! Non Bollywood guys, please take notes.

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    The reason everyone is so “fida” about him is his persona :-)
    Polite, very soft speaking and great smile <3

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