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  1. slc at | | Reply

    She looks pretty.

  2. Meg at | | Reply

    Total princess moment without an inch of try hard or cheesiness
    Well done!

  3. prep-y at | | Reply

    She somehow picks the very best of Manish Malhotra’s designs! or she just makes them look really good ;)

    1. trupsster at | | Reply

      Isn’t it? I so agree with you!

  4. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

    She looks pretty and makes the gown shine.
    On a side note what exactly does she do? I see her at all these events but she is neither a model or actress. Is she the local version of Olivia Palermo? Is she MM’s muse? She is the only one who makes his tackfest outfits look classy btw.

    1. Ay at | | Reply

      Sophie was the host last night. She did an incredible job. She v stylish and always appropriately dressed. The perfect person to host a style awards

    2. Ranij at | | Reply

      She was hosting style awards yesterday and I think she looks perfect, stylish and classy. She is almost always dressing better than most of A list Bollywood heroines! Hair and makeup also nice

    3. Meg at | | Reply

      She sings at a lot of live events and is often an MC and host both at Bollywood and corporate events

      There are more things in life than being a model or actress :)

      1. Sonia at | | Reply


      2. Avani at | | Reply

        Agree. And even the King Khan himself does ” live events” in UAE. :P

      3. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

        Thanks for clarifying. Agree that there are a variety of careers other than model or actress. I dont live in India and have no clue about faces unless they are Bollywood actresses :)

  5. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Beautiful gown and she does compete justice to it. What I like about her is that the clothes she wears fit her perfectly.

  6. The Pizza Ghoul at | | Reply

    So dreamy!

  7. red at | | Reply

    my fav!! always knows hot to carry an outfit!!

  8. BlueBells at | | Reply

    MM should officially announce Sophie as his muse because out of the entire B-town, only has the ability to make MM’s clothes look good even when they are not !

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      only she has*

  9. Ay at | | Reply

    FAB !!!!!!!!

  10. Div at | | Reply

    For your knowledge fashion vibe she is a singer performer / anchor/ actor/ Mtv VJ
    and she was the host for this event!! You are right she makes Manish malhotra’s clothes look fabulous…….

    1. Fashionvibe at | | Reply

      Thanks :)

  11. Rish at | | Reply

    Is it me or is this inspired by Cate Blanchett’s 2014 Oscar gown?

    1. Sup at | | Reply

      Same thought.

  12. trupsster at | | Reply

    Oh this is just on fleek!

  13. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks fabulous, like always. This is how it is done, no OTT, no clown acts, no tight unflattering clothes, and no trying hard.

  14. Naf at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous … But she just gives class to MM clothes…love the makeup and hair.

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