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  1. KJ at | | Reply

    That net part at the bottom looks so distracting. Something’s off.

    1. RR at | | Reply

      i completely agree..how was that missing in this blog in the first place?!

    2. Sm at | | Reply

      I agree. That hanging net is so unnecessary!

      1. kavita at | | Reply

        the net looks totally out of place ….. i totally agree with RR that high heels is generally spot on , but how could they like the look .

  2. NA at | | Reply

    I just don’t get the Peacock designs! They are a little too whacko! And if you have to wear them at least don’t treat it like an everyday dress. It requires an edgy styling… Go the whole hog

  3. prati at | | Reply

    Its easier said then done about edgier styling or fierce shoes I dont think that Pop singers can dress mad as they do abroad…..I personally like what Sophie is wearing :)

  4. Lia at | | Reply

    What is that horrible transparent net thing, just makes the dress look cheap.

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