1. Any doubts I had about Sonam were quelled the moment she decided to dance with a dove perched on her head. I love her (as ungraceful and endearingly awkard as she is). She looks nice- I wish I could see the whole thing though

  2. Absolutely. It’s a tad gaudy, but i like it on her. I also like that she accesorized well. The golden flats go well with the outfit. Ek dum punjabi kudi.

  3. wow thats way too may colors going on there… it is kinda blinding (even if she is channeling the Delhi 6 look)! Also the earrings look too big for her ears…

  4. I usually like how she looks and dresses but isn’t she wearing wayyyy too much make-up here? She doesn’t look 25…more like 35…and thats not good!

  5. Its too loud for me but she looks lovely neck up!

    p.s. is there a typo in the title of this image or is this a twist to delhi that i cant figure out?

  6. She’s beautiful!

    I wish the dupatta was also green. I HATE the combo of that pink with that blue! Plus its way too many colors for one outfit. But this is a minor gripe.

    such a pretty, young gal. She BETTER impress in Delhi 6 because I’d love to see more of her in the future!

  7. OMG she is officially my first grl crush :D:D hehe
    how on earth can this girl make a ‘dress’ like this look pretty is beyond me!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!

  8. i like it.. and its good she mixes up outfits and hair styles.. i think she styles herself (outfit, hair, makeup) better than the best of them out there… esp given how new she is in the industry…

  9. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE…….shez sooo beautifull…..the make up is well done…i like the play with colors….not the purse though ….she shudnt hav carried one….or mayb a batua wud hav lukd gr8

  10. Could there BE anyore colours in this dress? it looks really bad to me. I hate this dress. and will never understand why the designer wanted to make her look ike a CIRCUS TENT…

    Anushka was looking much better while promoting the RNBDJ

  11. It seems people just love Sonam so much they are willing to forgive that she’s dressed bad. Her face is too thin for the earrings, she looks like a little kid trying to dress up. The colours are very bright and pretty but I think too much for one outfit.

  12. If this is her “in character” look then it’s fine…this is very chandni chowkish. Anyways…she looks good even if I find that green atrocious!

  13. Wow, she looks greats and carries off the look to a T. The other girl, Anushka(?), can take a lesson or two in dressing from her.

  14. its anamika khanna, since she is wearing something similar in the theatrical trailer and i think her clothes reflect the theme of her film with her personal style

  15. The duppatta is a real mismatch imo…I wanted to like it (as delightfully kitschy)but just can’t, she does look pretty though.

  16. she looks nice…the outfit looks good on her.. i doubt it would’ve looked as good someone else. the pink flayerd kameez is cute :). i’ve really come to admire this girl…like she manages to look classy and stylist in anything she wears…always has the right accessories and everything

  17. sonam has a bad dressing sense.although she’s good looking but her colour choice and dress up choice is horrible.this mismatched combinatuion is really horrible and if she had wore a pajami instead of this ugly salwar she must have looked better.only thing i liked is her ear rings

  18. I like the kurta and dupatta, it’s just the green salwar that’s not working for me. She looks nice though – reviving memories of her pre-Saawariya release days!

  19. I think she wore it to refelect her character in the film cause otherwise there is no other reason why she would dress up like this?? Its too frumpy for my liking, although i love the colours oddly enough. Face Wise such a stunner.
    And these are no Patiala, i dont think…

  20. thing is, i think the gaudy ness comes coz shes more like promoting her character i the film, so it has to be way out there.

    besides make up always has to be loud on tv. so u can see it.

    so yeh for a promotional event, it’s quite nice. in keepin with her character etc etc

  21. she loooooooks gorgeous!!

    yea its too many colours..but its chandni chowk ppl! that explains all the colours. i like how the top flares out but i wish it was a churidaar instead..but then again..that wouldn’t be completely chandni chowk :S anywho i LOVE!

  22. I like the colour combo its fun and fresh (just like her character in delhi6). Im sure shes in character :) just like what she did when promoting saawariya ;)

  23. for a second I thought Sonam was PENELOPE CRUZ !

    Love the jewelery and the clutch. The color combination, not so much. The makeup does look great too.

  24. nice colors, although a little overwhelming. I also wish it all looked a bit more fitted. I don’t like her hairstyle. It is making her look very old.

  25. Jus goes to show that it is the person wearing the outfit who can make or break the look. This one here would have been a wtheyy on anyone else, but sonam seems to have pulled it off.
    yeah she was in character, but this delhi/punjabi kudi look is a bit too loud for my eyes.

  26. yep she’s in character. i just saw other pics from the sets of indian idol and the contestants are all dressed in similar outfits. but sonam is totally working this outfit….love this girl to bits!

  27. she looks like a human christmas tree with multi colored ornaments. The comments are so predictible what with people raving about her.

    Ugly outfit and a very average everything else. I just don’t see anything special about her face..

  28. I think she looks really nice. Vey Vibrant. Love the fact that she’s so experimental when it comes to her looks. And she sure looks stunning in delhi 6 promos!

  29. She looks fantastic. PPL are always be told off for being too matchy matchy, well Sonam decided to step out of the box and wear something different! The colours look fab on her and i think people are missing the point when they say the outfit isn’t colour co-ordinated! That’s the point!


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