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  1. Violet at | | Reply

    Wow, I thought the dress was black going by her instagram pics. I like the colour play and how clean the look is. Make up is usual excessive and a shade lighter than her actual skin tone (the difference between her face and neck is so stark).

  2. LCoodly at | | Reply

    The dress is nicely tailored and event appropriate albeit a bit ’50s and retro. Unfortunately, most make-up artists in India cannot match skin color skilfully.

  3. Colormenot at | | Reply

    If only she would fix her make up. After all these years she still hasn’t gotten the ride shade?
    She puts in so much effort and that’s awesome. But with good make up it will look perfect.

  4. eclat at | | Reply

    This is the world I live in, where even a children’s play centre has to be inaugurated by some random starlet, that too one with no kids of her own!!!!! aaaaaahhhh I want to snatch up my son and run to the hills.

    1. Desimom at | | Reply

      Lol !!!!!

    2. Paroma at | | Reply

      I hear you

    3. kasthuri at | | Reply


  5. O at | | Reply

    It’s not just the skintone issue or the conservative dress…the harsh lip stick color and the hair style make her look quite a bit older than her real age. If this were for a promo event with Salman Khan for their movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, or if she were auditioning to play opposite Akshay and his salt-and-pepper facial hair in Namastey London 2, I might cut her some slack, but a children’s themed launch event seems like the time to break out a soft pink lip gloss, fun two-toned nail polish, and a Disney/Satya Paul sari.

  6. soniya at | | Reply

    Sonam i am your fan..and i dare you to wear jeans in events like these! please!!!

  7. Asha at | | Reply

    She does look nice though…plus there’s only a couple of shades difference between her face and neck ;-) not the usual east-west difference!

  8. Adara at | | Reply

    Looks like she dipped her face in flour. Ha ha. The shoes are cute. The dress not so much.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      LOL !!!!!

  9. ZA at | | Reply

    Yeah, I agree with P&P …this look seems a little mature for our fun fashionista. I feel like a fun accessory and a more relaxed hairdo might’ve made this look work.

  10. Deepti Parthiv at | | Reply

    I absolutely love this look and the navy- red combo but definitely not event appropriate. This event is cheerful and yellows, pinks, blues, would’ve been greatly appreciated and a more fun outfit and fun styling wouldn’t have been remiss.

  11. Nisha at | | Reply

    Whitewashed makeup again!! Looks so odd nd overwhelming!

  12. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Going by her look, I can only say that she looks like one of those mature women who has been employed to look after the kids.. like the way we studied in history books.. taking care of some king’s children in older America.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      LMAO. Spot on. But mostly older UK?

    2. Monika at | | Reply

      hahaha… true that.

    3. BlueBells at | | Reply

      @ Avani: Yeah I mean you got my point na baba :P I couldn’t find the right words, UK or US, you could picture what I meant to say, mission accomplished. :D

  13. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

    Looks good except the make up – foundation to be precise.

  14. naughtytrini at | | Reply

    Maybe she doesnt even have an inkling of what the events are about to which she attends, I guess thats the reason why she is never dressed appropriately, or perhaps it is just that she likes to stand out?

  15. jadine at | | Reply

    Another miss from Sonam, I don’t like the matchy matchy red shoes with the lips and sleeves. Also, she could have donned a frothy princess look for this party, that’s one of her go-to looks.

  16. juhi khanna at | | Reply

    Am i the only one who thinks she got a haircut? looks like a boycut to me !

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