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  1. tosh at | | Reply

    She looks lovely, the hair looks a lil butchered up.

  2. Slc at | | Reply

    Slightly ill fitted in the bust area, but it’s agreat color and she looks good.

  3. prags at | | Reply

    did any body notice that the bust area needed some more padding as its showing the unnecessary inside details . the look is all ok ..may be a little jewellery contrasting with the green would have elevated the look as its abt the jewels here !

  4. Iqra at | | Reply

    Meh, not flattering at all.
    She really should work out and tone those flabby arms or wear something that covers them.

    1. RUCHii at | | Reply

      seriously? they look absolutely fine to me.. seems that you live in a perfect world where you haven’t ever seen what flabby arms that look bad in sleeveless dresses really are!!

      1. Iqra at | | Reply

        Yes, seriously. These people have access to pretty much everything; the least they can do is to use ’em to their advantage and downplay their not-so-flattering features.

        1. bozo at | | Reply

          Wow, talk about shallow!

          1. Iqra at |

            Err, so its okay for others to point out her weird hairstyle but shallow of me to point out her arms?

        2. RUCHii at | | Reply

          you know there is a huge variety of beautiful shapes & sizes between being a twig and being fat..just because they have access to everything doesn’t mean they all have to be size zero.

    2. Disha at | | Reply

      I wonder where the “flab” is!

    3. Aditi at | | Reply

      When you have a face like that you don’t to have a perfect toned body all the time. She is one of the few classic beauties in Bollywood right now. Her look is not sexy, her look is classic and beautiful. and I dont even see anything wrong with her arms.

  5. Rajvi at | | Reply

    beautiful!! time sonam realises that she looks the best in these simple classic looks rather than her quirky over accessorised ones..

    1. rt at | | Reply

      aye aye! she completely elevates the simple classic cuts !!

    2. Renu at | | Reply

      +1…and the half smile(yeah, for sonam this smile is only a half) is also working great here

  6. SS at | | Reply


  7. Sheikha at | | Reply

    Simple and elegant.

  8. Nina at | | Reply

    She looks very elegant. That’s a very nice color on her.

  9. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Mashallah! She looks breathtakingly beautiful!

  10. RUCHii at | | Reply

    absolutely beautiful!!

  11. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Color is the great on her, she looks lovely!!!

  12. missplaced at | | Reply

    i see PnP played safe here and left for us to decide before anyone jumps at dem for playing favorite!!! and as “prags” has already mentioned, the bust area needed padding, wonder how u guys missed it??? its so tacky, even though it is understandable its unintentional!!! apart from dat she looks nice, hair – not so much!!

    1. kimz604 at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. PnP are always so biased towards Sonam. Yet she looks so ordinary here, meh dress, meh hair, and meh jewelery!

      1. Tina at | | Reply

        If you have a problem with they are being biased with anybody, don’t read the blog, simple. (i am not p n p, neither Sonam nor p n p’s friend)

        1. mysha at | | Reply

          Thanks for saying it.PnP or anyone can love Sonam,its their choice.Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.But some people enjoy ridiculing others comments as well;as if expressing their own view wasnt enough!

    2. prags at | | Reply

      and “missplaced” ppl refer sonam as “all hail the queen” !! i mean all i feel like saying to LOL ! how can you give her adjectives like “godess bla bla “. a majority of them are always biased when it comes to sonam…she is great but she just cant get away with anything and everything !

  13. just me at | | Reply

    Sonam looks elegant and what a lovely color! The bust however looks too tight for comfort.

    1. just me at | | Reply

      Noticing the hair only now…ugh! That half updo is badly done and does not match the gown – bad styling.

  14. mysha at | | Reply

    All hail the queen!mesmerized!

  15. DiptiN at | | Reply

    Love the color, but think the gown is a little too clinched at the waist. She looks great.

  16. tina at | | Reply

    The bodice looks too small for her! It’s like she’s really squeezed in there and can barely breathe.

    1. T at | | Reply


  17. KJ at | | Reply

    She looks good waist down. what’s with the hair?

  18. DIMPLE at | | Reply

    guyz back off those jarring comments as she’ 1 ACTRESS WHO ACTUALLY HAVE PUT INDIAN ACTRESS’S ON THIS GLOBAL FASHION RADAR, which everybody took notice of…so she’s allowed some nip tucks here n there…SONAM U ROCK IN DIS EMERALD MASTERPIECE…

  19. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    Who notices the bust area or even the hair when you have that gorgeous face and that gorgeous smile and that wonderful color doing wonders to Sonam! Beautiful & Elegant! Sonam makes simple look extraordinary!

  20. rhutz at | | Reply

    v boring…. she looks okay

  21. Aditi at | | Reply

    I like how she kept it more simple with her outfit and let the necklace make a statement.

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