Cover Wars!


The girls behind ‘Saawariya’ and ‘Vivaah’ were no where in sight when Sonam and Amrita were roped in to their respective covers… Sonam played up the urban fashionista with elan, straight hair and all, while Amrita turned up the Fahrenheit in Ferragamo like never before… we like!

Sonam on Grazia
Drashta, Fall 2008

Amrita on Verve
Salvatore Ferragamo, Spring 2008

P.S Amrita is wearing the Ferragamo gown backwards, in case you were wondering why it looks different…

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  1. we should keep in mind that both covers have been photoshoped. amrita has never looked better but i still prefer sonam. she has a lovely face and fabulous hair.

  2. wow is that sonam!! i can’t recognize her to be honest
    but both look hot and loving the blue

    the red is a bit too much

  3. Sonam is WAAAY airbrushed :/
    I Like her look better
    although that is probably becasue I am not a big fan of Amrita (I don’t particulary like Sonam either….but Amrita is just -__-)

  4. Sonam looks good and that blue is just everywhere as it looks great on most skin tones. Love it.
    Amrita Rao? The ‘gaon-ki-gori’ from Vivaah and the ‘greasy-grunge-girl’ from Main Hoon Na? She looks awesome here…her make-up is so good…Kudos to the Verve styling team!


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