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  1. $ at | | Reply

    She is usually well turned…though this gown is totally a different story..bad bad gown i say..

  2. Paroma at | | Reply

    Such a cheap looking gown…surprising as she is usually well turned out

  3. Niti at | | Reply

    What a horrid gown !

  4. Amp at | | Reply

    ELEGANT . She makes it work.

  5. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    it looks like the gold gown is being pulled out of a black garment bag. and less said about the stupid tea pot pose the better.

  6. Saya at | | Reply

    Agree with others. She usually turns out pretty good. This tacky gown does nothing for her cute face & nice body.

    1. Ann at | | Reply

      Really? When is she ever well dressed. She is Bipasha’s twin when it comes to short dresses! Ugly outfit here.

      1. Maya at | | Reply

        Jealous much? She usually dresses up well.

  7. Styl at | | Reply

    What a beyond ugly gown!

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