In Payal Singhal


At the unveiling of a song from her movie ‘Tevar’, Sonakshi was seen in Payal Singhal separates that seemed to have been slightly modified to seem more like a one-piece.

At first glance, I loved the look but that may have had more to do with the hair and make-up than the outfit itself.

The more I look at the separates itself, the more I feel the lining (especially of the top) should’ve extended all the way. As is, the top looked like one of those featured in those 80’s hindi movie dance numbers.

Just me feeling that way?


Left: Payal Singhal
Right: Sonakshi Sinha at Tevar Song Launch


Sonakshi Sinha at Tevar Song Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Can I just say that I absolutely adore Sonakshi’s hair? I’ve become very tired of the identical Stepford mane that every actress sports (either straightened to synthetic perfection or in an all-too-predictable updo). Here’s to more chic, short hair like this and to beautifully outré locks like Kangana’s.

  2. I actually like what she’s wearing! It looks good on her. I have to say, she’s been dressing a lot better ever since she got that chic haircut

  3. She looks very Jennifer Lawrence-ey in the top row pictures. Great hairdo!

    The top looks bad on her in the front angle because her shoulders are too broad and they need to be cut up with straps- especially in full sleeves, or it all looks like one big chunky mass.

    (speaking as a broad shoulder-ed girl myself!)


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