1. that thing is a monstrosity. it starts off good at the neck and bust and just get creepy down by the crotch with those medallions hanging off. This dress screams Rihanna or KP or someone with an edgier style. Sonakshi should stick to the anarkalis.

  2. Perhaps if the euro trashy look is phenomenal, yes.

    Girl is pretty but the dress – what on earth are those leaping flames around the neck.

  3. I definitely want to appreciate Sonakshi for trying something away from Anarkali….The dress in question would have worked with a more edgier look….

  4. I like the hair and make-up but I don’t think she is edgy enough to carry the dress and those heavy pumps are a downer.

  5. She is a pretty girl but she looks like a total idiot here.
    It’s like her stylist told her “Oh, you must wear this, it’s so in!” And she must’ve thought that she’s going to blow people away!
    Some people are meant not to wear edgy stuff.

  6. I never really cared much for the Peacocks’ uber-unrestrained flights of fantasy kind of clothes. This dress has too much going on. And Sonakshi is honestly too big made to be wearing it. And I am a big made girl, size L, I would never wear something like that.

  7. Seriously …what an ugly outfit (all shane peacock clothes are ugly as per me)…..sonakshi looks plain ridiculous in this….she s not meant for edgy stuff

  8. Clearly P&P have no fashion sense. They should just stick to neutral commenting rather than classifying anything as great or attempting to offer opinions about what goes with an outfit.

  9. Wow. Surprised at the hatred for this look. I’m so glad she’s over those anarkali things, she seems like a girl who enjoys fashion and I think she’s totally working this look. The gown is just so fabulously crazy, and she did well with the minimal styling and simple make up. I would have liked a diff hairstyle but that’s nitpicking. Peacocks “FTW” again!!

  10. PnP- People are going to visit HHC and view the pics only, and not read any of fashion opinions you guys write about. You guys are seriously off the mark this time!


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