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    Wow that looks really cool…what is that.. lengha/sari? I like how the dupatta is going inside her blouse..that’s pretty cool. Ya the colours not awesome.. I’ve noticed with girls that have that golden tan look.. they often dress in brown and metallic shades.. I wish they’d wear more colour.

  3. nefertiti at | | Reply

    not fair. how can a person be so radiant all the time?!

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    If that is a lehenga, I am not liking her drape the dupatta…the color is good but wished shd had draped the dupatta around her neck only to show off the style of the blouse…

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    I don’t like the drape either. Her head looks sooo big in the pics. :-|

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    I don’t think i’ve ever seen a style quite like that, does anyone know what it is? Very unique. I like her in more color, but it doesn’t matter, she’s just always freaking RADIANT. Ugh.

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    I dont like the outfit… Colour is bad and its badly worn.

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    My question is that how does she manages to look so immaculate in her every single appearance?I can’t think of a single celebrity who manages to get their look right every single time..either the belt is big, the colors are off, or the wrong shoes. But, Freida has managed took consistently nice in her every single apearance. I have took harder to find any fault in her.

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    BTW, this isn’t my favorite outfit, but she looks so radiant that she still manages to look great.

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    Yes, I agree. The color completely washes out. Actually you’ve got me thinking now — I can’t think of any actress who’s looked good in this color before.

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    It looks wonderful from the side, but have my doubts about the front view. She should be wearing rich colours.

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    Actually the front look is also growing on me.

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    what’s happened to her style?? i’ve liked her efortless style elsewhere… but this one’s weird…specially the way the pallu goes… very very weird

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    The color gives it a very cheap look..im not liking it

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    face is lovely but the outfit is awful. also she looks way too bony

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    The color Is working and love the creative chunni style

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    hate the colour on her..but damn she always looks so happy..so u cant exactly hate on her.

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    i think its a manish Malhotra creation .. the detail around her waist reminds me of the Red gown urmila wore in Karz and was repeated by Kareena in Golmaal returns .. but then i can be wrong … it could be a TT creation as P&P mention.

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    I wish she’s kept George

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    I think she looks really amzing! that color is awesome for her skintone.. love love love her make up always!

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    its like the pink thing deepika wore….the blouse looks like tht….its horrible….frieda was ranked the number 1 style influencer for 2010 on ask men.com…..i dnt think thts happening…!!!!

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    Very nice neck up. Not so happening neck down.

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    Methinks it may be a MM….Check out the detail…it looks like a pink dress that Carol Gracias wore on the MM Runway.

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    She needs her stylist back! I don’t like this color on her. Neck up she looks nice.

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    Mr. Stylist…Please come back!

  26. tara at | | Reply

    freida is a beautiful girl but this outfit is horrible and so was the dress she wore to the golden globes. i really really hope that she wears something good to the oscars.

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    hey p n p jus read that this dress on frieda was done by manav gangwani…..there is a similar style of draping in some fusion wear of his but nuthin quite the same

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