1. Wow ! Stunning. This is one unforgetable cover…
    Love the saree (although you it looks like a regular well made kanjeevaram saree) and the nath and Shruthi wearing it all.

  2. And I’m having a hard time looking past the white eye brow thingies…LOL
    Ok so I get it, its ART meets fashion and all but this is the only form of art they cud come up with for ALL the pics?
    If I scroll the page enuff to just cover the eyes and above – I love the purple saree with the tunic thingy and I especially love the last pic in the white and gold…all minus the white eye brow thingy I remind u LOL

  3. Love love lovE ! I rarely post comments, but love the weaves, and love shruti hassan in this photoshoot. She works it :))

  4. the weaves are beautiful no doubt,, but that nose ring n white bridal makeup on forehead is making me ignore rest of the cover… both things r too in the face

  5. Damn that first pic and all that’s gone into its making: that sari and its gorge colour, that coat, that jewellery..it’s all come together so beautifully I want to cry (but am smiling).

  6. OMG this is beyond gorgeous. Haven’t seen creative pictures like this in a long time… Kudos! Shruthi has the most perfect face and chiselled features!!

  7. hahaha looks like all you people are not from India. Or Indians abroad. Coz these clothes seem so novel to you!! :) One of my friends from Tunisia was duped at a saree store here. They charged her 500 USD for a saree that would cost 500 INR :O … Anyway, the fusion here is so interesting, but the eyebrow thing is the deal breaker for me!

    • What has your story got to do with the sarees shown here. If you’re trying to say that the blue saree (looks like a kanjeevaram to me) which Shruti is wearing costs 500 INR in India then pray tell me which store..I could send a family member to purchase it for me.

      • Oh no, no. I didnt mean this one costs 500 INR. I was just trying to say that foreigners get duped here all the time coz they are so fascinated by Indian clothes.

    • I feel the same reading the comments. It looks like any other well made silk saree. Just that this one is striking because it looks like it has original gold jari and not synthetic ones that end up looking plastic.

      • This saree is from sarangi in chennai(says so in the caption) and you can check out there sarees online. I can tell you that saree costs about 40 000rs. Anyone saying they can pick up the same for 500rs obviously don’t know the difference in silk quality and zari ect.

  8. Shruti Hasan on that swing is a very liberating view. The cover in saree seems more like a sign of the arrival of the Indian woman on the international fashion scene. Damn Neat work!

  9. the cover is trying too hard. Love the jacket, but that sari is a normal kanjeevaram. I dont see why I need a designer to put his tag on it! and honestly, it just doesnt go with the jacket or the look.

  10. Bazaar, please stop putting in you own loves! wo!, etc… its like a comedy.
    cant think of one bride whod want to look like a clown.


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