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  1. Lola at | | Reply

    Not too bad.

  2. Rajvi at | | Reply

    do u say wrong because they are open toed?

  3. Nanduz at | | Reply

    Even though the pumps don’t go wid tat dress… I just love them…. Me want!

  4. Señorita at | | Reply

    Ewwwww! That’s such an elementary mistake. Add to that the skimpy dress and the overblown make-up… Sorry, don’t get why she’s doing Bollywood Heroine where International Elegante is called for.

  5. anju at | | Reply

    Pet Peeve : Panty hose with peep toes

    1. KK at | | Reply

      Mine too!!

  6. Shalini at | | Reply

    Ooop..major faux pas…even I know not to do thaaat.

  7. sjetly at | | Reply

    this definitely belongs in the wtheyyyyyyy files

  8. Ladygaga at | | Reply

    Yup spot on .. Shoes look too odd with panty hose.. Love the dress a li’l too unflattering in the mid riff thou.. But her face looks gorg!!

  9. minx at | | Reply

    P & P & others,

    Is it ok to wear stockings/tights with open toed pumps? I am confused.


    1. clueless at | | Reply

      I prefer to believe there are no hard and fast rules in fashion. Make up your own mind. If you like what you see then its ok if you dont then its not.

      Today the herd is saying its wrong because the fashion pundits are saying its wrong 12 months down the line they will say its ‘the’ thing to do and the herd is going to gaga over this look.

      1. Mash at | | Reply

        Actually, no, it’s not appropriate to wear open toed shoes of any kind with stockings or tights, simply because pumps cover the toes well, and give an elegant finish. It is equivalent to wearing socks with sandals – not done. It has nothing to do with fashion.

        1. Malaise at | | Reply

          You get hose with no toes.

        2. shwetha at | | Reply

          100% agree with Mash on this.
          Open toes are a complete no no with stockings. Ditto with Sandals!

      2. kasthuri at | | Reply

        I got to agree with you clueless. I think these rules change. Earlier wearing 2 or more metalic tones in one look was so wrong and now its perfectly fine. There have been 100s of rules like this that change. So i think if it looks good in that particular look, go ahead. I do see some girls wrong stocking in autumns with summer sandals/heels.

  10. madhu at | | Reply

    oh my. the pumps are so pretty. I love them. The dress, makeup etc looks tacky. usually kareena does well but i think she forgot her stylist this time.

  11. Shalini at | | Reply

    I think its ok to wear open toed pumps with hose as long as the contrast is not jarring. Black hose with black shoes. This might be ok on the runway but looks silly in real life. To each her own though..

  12. Anon at | | Reply

    The whole ensemble is hideous!
    The lipstick clashes with the dress n doesn’t even go with the one colored item on her – the shoe.
    Each individual piece is ok – the bag, the shoes, the dress (strictly ok), but together is an example of a “don’t”

  13. Zing Thing at | | Reply

    Loving the lip colour against the shimmer. But, otherwise the dress fit is not too flattering, and agree completely on the shoes! Pretty shoes though!

  14. DiptiN at | | Reply

    She looks terrible, not only are the shoes completely off with the black hose, but the dress is a size too small and very tacky. Kareena should take a lesson or two from her sister

  15. Nidhi Bhasin at | | Reply

    But wearing socks with sandals is in now a days…..n I agree it has nothin to do with fashion……

  16. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    Guessing the stylist couldn’t make it to Switzerland. I assuming it would been really cold…hence the stocking. But she could have a better outfit, that outfit is doing nothing for her!!!

  17. Trupti at | | Reply

    Dress – ewww, leggings – ewww, shoes ok but with that ensemble – ewww. Overall – ewwwwww!

  18. sonal at | | Reply

    meh outfit love the peep toes though!

  19. blmrlt1102 at | | Reply

    A bad look overall – she probably didn’t expect to be caught on camera! Disappointed because she is usually dressed so well.

  20. kasthuri at | | Reply

    I love her and i think she looks fab in this outfit.

  21. megzzz at | | Reply

    individually good items…put together badly!! so unpleasant to look at!! big time faux pas!!

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